FS - Rem 700 .300WM in AICS AX chassis - Price Drop to $2000.00


Feb 15, 2017
Nashville, TN
I’ve decided to sell my Remington 700 .300WM. I bought the rifle as a model 700 Long Range. My intention was to build it into a loose approximation of a Mk 13 Mod 7. I mounted it in a brand new pre-14 AICS AX chassis. I added the AI thumbscrews to the butt, as well as installing an AI 20 MOA action rail, and forend rail. I bought an XTSP Mk 13 trigger that has not been installed yet, and four extra AI brand mags, for a total of five mags.

Next I planned to send the action to be customized, and fitted with some Proof Research magic. Instead, I ran across a great deal on an AXMC package, and suddenly, I had no further need for this rifle. I never intended to use the factory barrel, so I never did any load development with it. The bipod and monopod that are pictured, are not included.

I have a little over $3000.00 in this rifle. I’m asking $2000.00 cash price. Will ship to your FFL directly, or through my FFL for additional cost. Make sure your FFL will accept shipment from an individual before requesting this method. I will accept payment by USPS money order, PayPal FF, PayPal goods & services (you pay the fees), or cash face to face in middle Tennessee.

I prefer to sell, but I will consider trade offers.

Items I am specifically looking for:

Voodoo .22LR, barreled action or complete rifle
Other .22 rifles suitable for “rimfire trainer” duty. (T1x, CZ precision trainer, etc.)
Nightforce 7-35 ATACR
Other high end optics
AXMC SFP bolt, 16”-20” .308 Proof CF barrel, mags for .300WM & .308
Other AXMC parts or accessories

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