FS: Beanland, Defiance 300 Norma Mag (update)


Mar 26, 2005
FS, Just got the twins back from Beanland and decided to keep only one since my plans to shoot LR on the outer island are on hold for awhile.
The rifle for sale is the 300 Norma pictured without the scope.
Built on a new Defiance Deviant Tactical Receiver,20min base,Broughton 5C 1-9 , 28' 7.7 heavy contour, 300NM throated for 230 Berger,Area 419 sidewinder brake, Trigger Tech Diamond,ceracoted black... I installed the barreled action in an AICS 2.0 Legacy folder stock ,CIP mag .skins done by Branden @ Custom Gun Coatings in 4 color Woodland Marpat Digital including the mag .weights in at 15.50lbs + or - w/o bipod and spiot..
0 rnd count
$4550 shipped and insured to your FFL.
Barreled action with trigger and Area 419 brake..$2950.00 shipped.
AICS 2.0 Legacy Stock with mag $ 1600 shipped

Bipod and spigot not included.

Also have 100 new Lapua 300nm brass and Hornady die set available to buyer at extra cost.


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