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Nov 27, 2017

Well it sorta takes a "Championship" event/series to have a "Champion" lol and there has never been an ELR "Championship" event held under a sanctioned organization ....so.....

There have only been ELR exhibitions/single event competitions/social shoots.

You cannot be PRS Champion from winning a CCC held event only. You cannot be Service Rifle Champion from winning Pascagoula MS event only. You cannot be F Class Champion from winning a local event only.........So how can you be "ELR Champion" when there is no ELR "Sanctioned Organization" to be Champion of, let alone a series of ELR events?

Championship level of anything requires a qualifying and weeding out process to get the best of the best going after the Championship title, not just being able to get into a very limited number registration event.

Oct 17, 2017
Olympics ? Not exactly a series of events , but plenty of champions .
Given this gentleman’s resume , ‘ champion ‘ is an entirely appropriate
description .
No one is questioning his ability to shoot. He has a helluva resume but with a resume like that why would you call yourself a 3 time ELR champion when there hasn’t been a real elr championship?


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Nov 27, 2017

Olympics.......that is probably one of the most advanced qualifying series of events in sports competition events. Unless you all are that much different in Australia....you cannot just register for an olympic event and be able to be on the Olympic Team....you must qualify to even be able to compete in the "Olympic Qualifications" for the actual team.

From the ELR HQ "Pros" Page:
Paul started shooting ELR in 2016, and has won the 2016 and 2017 King of 2 Miles as a Coach.
From the same ELR HQ "Pros" Page:
Derek became the 2017 KO2M Individual Champion.

So which is it...is KO2M an INDIVIDUAL "Champion" or TEAM "Champion"??

YES his shooting resume is IMPRESSIVE, nobody is debating that, BUT as BoomerC said.....why call yourself an ELR Champion when there has NEVER been an ELR Championship.



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Apr 12, 2001
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Every match has a winner, and that winner can be called a Champion for lack of a better term, If you won the .50 cal Nationals which took place at Raton after the Ko2M you would be the .50 Cal Champion. The same could be said for the winner of the PRS ELR Event, he is a PRS ELR Champion and one that shot an individual match vs a team event.

The fact there has be very limited events around ELR is one of the problems, most are one off, or local, like what Oscar does in CA. This highlights a problem, particularly with the KO2M Eduardo looks at the event as the only one out there, he feels he was first, hence it has the most weight. Was he first, probably not, but he has more attention on him than the next guy.

It's a Team endeavor with an individual winner, that is still part of a team who gets credit for winning too. Derek got the hit but Paul guided him in to it. The Teams and the Companies who moved forward participating in the KO2M look at different than most of you.

It goes to show how nobody really wants to go against certain folks, certain name brands that cannot be questioned. Prime example, Hodnett, before he had the reputation he does, used to list in his resume an "International Sniper Competition Winner" that International Sniper Competition was a match at Tac Pro in Tx, Bill and Alice Davidson owned it, (Now just Bill, Alice has moved on) They are from the UK, so Tac Pro being owned by a Brit in the US (TX) makes it international LOL Insert your own story here,

Semantics, word games, whatever you want to call it

They are trying to promote this aspect of the sport in doing so they are attempting to attach some qualifiers to what they do, I get it.

But there is no Champion, just the Winner or Winning Team of the single event, the KO2M, they have not participated in anything else despite the fact they exist.

Everyone sees ELR as a fast track to grab the attention which eventually will help fill their pockets. So when things are new liberties are taken, they are not the first and won't be the last. The number of people calling their small shoots "World Record" events is staggering right now.

Jul 10, 2017
There was a ELR championship match sanctioned by the NRA last year. I think it was the first inaugural match. Paul won it and he has been on the winning team for KO2M for twos years in a row i believe.

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