DLC on a Remington Bolt

Mar 3, 2017
Birmingham, Michigan
I am having my Remington 700 bolt DLC coated. Can someone help me as to how to prep it? First I removed the firing pin, spring and shroud. I taped off the bolt handle and knob because I dont want that part coated. Do I remove the extractor or leave it in place? The extractor is the only part that I am not sure how to prep. I also had the body of the bolt sandblasted to remove the cerakote.
May 17, 2017
I believe that DLC is applied as a vapor deposition process. You don't tape off areas as you would for a spray applied coating such as cerakote. I would only work through a shop that works on non-production line firearms. Club Custom Guns and Patriot Valley Arms are two custom shops that work with outside vendors who perform DLC.
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