Disappointed in myself

Mister Ridge

Aug 15, 2011
Took the day off to go to the range and actually shoot this old Winchester I've had for months now. To be honest, I was kind of hoping for better results. I think the rifle is capable of better but I was lacking. I guess for what I was doing (shooting a rifle with a mystery twist Douglas barrel and ancient match ammunition), I did okay. It cleaned the rust out of the barrel though. I was shooting M852 match and a box of Hirtenberg (spelling?) 190gr match ammo. It seemed to like the 190s better, but they were kicking my ass and flattening primers (bolt was sticky too). By the last group, I was ready to be done shooting. Also managed to crush my trigger finger trying to shut the floorplate. Big groups at 200 and "little" groups at 100. The 3 rounder was at 200 but 2 missed the paper apparently. I don't think I really have the skill to shoot off sloppy sandbags without a rear rest. I haven't shot anything in at least a year. I can't wait for my .22 to get here.



Oct 23, 2017
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Maybe try a box of federal FGMM 168 and 175. If I remember correctly, the M852 ammo is/was the first generation of 168g 7.62 NATO match ammo. Your barrel should be a 1:10 twist.... I think. My last 308 was a 1:10 and shot 175 MatchKings magnificently.


Without a rear bag, I can't shoot near as good either, so don't sweat it. You were working with a lot of unknowns to include potential pitting in the barrel secondary to rust. That pitting can have a very adverse effect on the bullets as they travel through the barrel and show those effects downrange with poor group size.
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Apr 21, 2007
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You know there is just a lot of figuring out what YOU gotta do. The rifle probably shoots better, and the ammo probably isn't as bad as it sounds.

But!!...you got a start today figuring out how you're gonna tighten things up. I don't know if you reload, but that has ALWAYS helped me with just about any rifle around. FGMM is really good, but it's still a "one size fits all" even for match ammo.

A lot of dry fire practice and watching yourself through the recoil. If you are able to watch the whole thing unfold without losing sight of the point of aim/impact then it might be one of the above. Otherwise, like most of us, you have to correct yourself. It never hurts to have a good shooter go along as a coach. Better yet, a good coach, as some great shooters aren't always that good at explaining what they see you doing.

Don't be disappointed. Think about what you saw and what you can change. Focus on that! 😁


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Feb 23, 2010
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1949 made Pre 64 Model 70 '06, El Paso 4X Weaver scope. Win Brass and primer. 180 Hornady IBs, 55 grns of Win 760, Vel. 2801 fps.

10 rounds, at 100 yards

Old Rifles shoot. Most mechanical things repeat better than their human operators. The chemical reaction in a cartridge and internal ballistics... wildcard.

Don’t get frustrated... get the variables reduced and you will be shooting like Kraig....

You will get this sorted!!!

Cheers, Sirhr