Degreaser and cleaning agents

Jun 26, 2012
N. Carolina
What’s re you guys using? I’m restocking the bench with the expendables such as thread locker, grease and the like. Curious what everyone’s using if some new stuff is on the market that might be better than what I use. Usually use mineral spirits, carb and brake cleaner to decrease and remove residue from bolts and stuff. EDIT: I recently purchase a QD sling stud from magpul and it comes with so much threadlocker on the bolts I can’t even thread them on and I’ve tried everything to remove this crap which is what inspired this post.

What’s everyone using for barrel mounting these days?
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Nov 24, 2013
For degreaser I use white gas/Coleman fuel, typically. If I need a spray can because the goo is someplace where I can't easily get to it, I use electronics parts/contact cleaner. I do my dead level best not to mix chemicals of any sort.

Regarding the removal of (cured) thread locker, I've always used mechanical methods like dental picks or wire brushes/wheels.
Feb 25, 2017
Lacquer thinner and brake cleaner from WaltersWorld. As mentioned above, I would use a wire brush to remove the thread locker on your stud although it might hurt at first. Man Up!
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