Custom Remington 700 7RUM barreled action. ( SOLD ).


Mar 5, 2009
I am second owner of this rifle, have only shot factory ammo thru this rifle. Never had time to give it the attention it deserves.
Approx. rounds down the pipe is 150. total. It shoots sub-moa groups (3-shots/3/4" groups@100yards) .
I am including the following dies & brass in the price w/barreled action. The barrel has been properly cared for & never over heated.

Custom Remy 700 built by Issac Frank. ( Southern Indiana Precision ).
Blueprinted Remington 700 long action.
26" Proof Research Carbon Fiber Sendero Light barrel. 1-9 twist.
APA Gen 2 Little Bastard brake
Timney 510 trigger
Cerakoted in Sniper grey
BDL bottom metal w/Wyatts MB-3 extended box
Barreled Action Weight: 5 lbs.

Shipped in CONUS: $1075. Your FFL holder has to be able to except from Individual.

Dies & Brass:
99 pieces of Brand New Norma brass.
Forster Ultra Mircometer Seater Die Part #UOOO86
RCBS FL Die Set Part # 17801
RCBS Neck Sizer Part # 17830 (Brand New ),

Will be glad to text additional photos.


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