Custom Remington 700 25-284 *SOLD*


Mar 31, 2006
Fulton, Missouri
I have a 25-284 for sale that has been in the safe quite a while. This was my favorite rifle, but I haven't deer hunted since the farm sold, and it's just been sitting.

It has a blueprinted 700 action with 23" Douglas barrel. Bedded with Marine Tex in a McMillian Classic McSwirly ADL stock at 13.25" LOP with 1" Decelerator pad. A Shilen trigger rounds out the package. Cerakoted black, and I have showed where the cerakote has chipped on the triggerguard in one of the pictures. All work done by Mickey Coleman. IIRC 300 rounds down the pipe. Scope rings not included, but may work out a deal. Will include 98 pcs of fired brass, and 100 pcs of Winchester brass (in the old Winchester-western boxes).


I'd like to move this and get something I will use. Would do partial trades towards a T1/T2 or EXPS. Might consider others. Haven't been around much, so if this is out of line, I'm all ears.

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