Cowboys (and a few others) and their HORSES!!!


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Mar 15, 2019
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There are many under appreciated actors out there and the biggest lot of them all are the horses that cowboys and others ride in their movies. There are a lot of famous ones too, but do you know the not so famous ones that were ridden in movies and parades, etc.? Here is a list I compiled...

Cowboys & their Horses

William S. Hart: Fritz

Tom Mix: Old Blue – Tony the Wonder Horse, Tony Jr.

Tim McCoy: Starlight

Buck Jones: Silver

William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy: Topper

John Wayne: Jenny (Childhood), Duke in “Ride Him, Cowboy”, Banner, Steel (“Tall in the Saddle” and “Conquerer”), Cocaine a stunt horse, Dollor (sic) (True Grit), Handsome Boy, Zip Cochise (Appaloosa in “El Dorado”) and Dollar (sic)(“Rooster Cogburn” and “The Shootist”)

John Smith as Slim Sherman in “Laramie”: Alamo (Had been John Wayne’s)

George “Gabby” Hayes: Eddie

Ken Maynard: Tarzan

Kermit Maynard: Rocky

Bob Steele: Brownie, Ginger and Rusty

Lash La Rue: Black Diamond – Rush

Whip Wilson: Rocket – Silver Bullet

Clarence Linden (Billed as Larry) Buster “Flash Gordon” Crabbe II : Falcon

Johnny Mack Brown: Rebel

Raymond Hatton: Dinah (Mule)

Joel McCrea: Outlaw

Gene Autry: Champion and Jr. (Gene has FIVE stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame)

Roy Rogers (Leonard Franklin Slye) : Trigger (registered name: Golden Cloud) and Trigger Jr. Trigger was also ridden by Olivia de Havilland in “Adventures of Robin Hood” after which Roy Rogers bought him. Dog: Bullet

Dale Evans: Buttermilk

Dick Foran: Smoke

Lone Ranger: Silver (Originally called Dusty until Silver Cup Bread took over as sponsor). Silver was purported to be the white horse ridden by Thomas Mitchell in “Gone With the Wind” aka: Silver Chief

Jay Silverheels (Mohawk Indian) as Tonto in the “Lone Ranger”: Scout, White Feller and Paint

Clark Gable: Steel?

Cammie King in “Gone With the Wind” on pony: Mister Butler or Blackie??

Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes in “Gone With the Wind”: Anacacho Rebel

Allen “Rocky” Lane (Voice of Mr. Ed [ Bamboo Harvester was registered name]) : Black Jack

Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid: ?

Smiley Burnette: Ring Eye (aka: Black Eyed Nellie)

Rex Allen: Koko

Bob Baker: Apache

Eddie Dean: Flash

Monte Hale: Lightnin’

Duncan Reynaldo as Cisco Kid: Diablo (Reynaldo was born in Romania)

Leo Carrillo as Pancho: Loco

Ray “Crash” Corrigan: Sultan

Robert Livingston: Shamrock

Jimmy Wakely: Lucky (real name Tex) - Sonny, Sunset

Hoot Gibson: Mutt, Goldie

Fred Scott: White Dust

Tex Ritter: White Flash

Monte Montana: Rex (Many others)

Bob Wills: Clover

Wild Bill Elliott: Thunder

Sunset Carson: Cactus

Buck Benny: Cyclone

Jimmy Stewart: Pie

George O’Brien: Mike

Tom Keene: Rusty

Don “Red” Barry: Cyclone

Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok: Buckshot

Andy “Jingles” Devine: Joker

Charles Starrett: Raider

Tim Holt: Sheik, Lightning

Rocky Lane: Black Jack

Rod Cameron: Knight

Jack Hoxie: Scout

Reb Russell: Rebel

Tom Tyler: Baron

Fred Thompson: Silver King

Bill Cody: King

Wally Wales (Hal Taliaferro): Silver King

Fred Thomson: Silver King

Kermit Maynard: Rocky

Jack Perrin: Starlight

Charlton Heston: Domino. As Ben Hur: Altair, Rigel, Antares and Aldebaran.

Peter Brown as Chad Cooper in “Laredo”: Amigo

Neville Brand as Reese Bennett in “Laredo”: Cactus

Kit Carson: Apache

Xena, Warrior Princess: Argo

Bruce Campbell as Brisco County Jr.: Comet (real name Copper)

Don Durant as Johnny Ringo: Bingo

Lori Martin in “National Velvet” (TV): Blaze King

Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain in the “Rifleman”: Razor

Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain in the “Rifleman”: Blueboy

Paul Revere: Brown Betty

Alexander the Great: Bucephalus

Guy Williams as Zorro: Phantom (white horse, real name Dynamite). Tornado (black horse). Daisey the mule was also a regular on the show.

James Arness as Marshall Dillon in “Gunsmoke”: Buck (aka: Dunny Waggoner)

Ken Curtis as Festus in “Gunsmoke”: Ruth or Rufus? (a mule)

Lorne Greene in “Bonanza”: Buck (aka: Dunny Waggoner) Greene bought the horse at end of “Gunsmoke” series

Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright in “Bonanza”: Beauty, Sport

Dan Blocker as Hoss Cartwright in “Bonanza”: Chub, Ginger, Piute

Michael Landon as Little Joe Cartwright in “Bonanza”: Cochise, Paint

Ulysses S. Grant: Cincinnati

Capt. Miles W. Keogh: Comanche (this horse was the only survivor of the Little Big Horn)

Duke of Wellington: Copenhagen

Richard Dix: Dice

Hugh O’Brian as Wyatt Earp: Candy

Wyatt Earp when living in Tombstone: Dick Naylor

Black Beauty Movie: Docs Keepin’ Time

El Cid: Doit

Rory Calhoun: Domino

James Garner as Bret Maverick: El Loaner. “Maverick” (1994 movie) had a horse named Ollie and a burro named Arthur.

Dale Robertson as Jim Hardie in “Tales of Wells Fargo”: Fargo, Jubilee, Leo Jr. (Hannibal)

Robert Fuller: Hoot. As Cooper Smith in “Wagon Train”: Gambler. As Jess Harper in Laramie: Traveler (named after Robert E. Lee’s horse)

Robert Horton in Man Called Shenandoah and as Flint McCullough in “Wagon Train”: Little Buck, Stormy Night

The Phantom: Hero

Bobby Diamond as Joey Newton in “Fury”: Highland Dale

Jan Merlin as Lt. Cullen Kirby in “Rough Riders”: Joker

Rod Cameron: Knight

Thomas Stonewall Jackson: Little Sorrel

Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon in “High Chaparral”: Rebel

Mark Slade as Blue Cannon in “High Chaparral”: Soapy

Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya in “High Chaparral”: Makadoo

Teddy Roosevelt: Manitou

Napoleon Bonaparte: Marengo

Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates in “Rawhide”: Midnight. In “Bronco Billy”: Buster

George Washington: Nelson

William Henry Harrison: Old Whitey

Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody): Isham was white horse ridden in the wild west shows. Charlie was his hunting horse who was buried in the Atlantic on the way back from Europe.

Santa Anna: Old Whip

Elizabeth Taylor in “National Velvet” (movie): Pie

(stunt) Julia Roberts in “Runaway Bride”: High Tower

(stunt) “Horse Whisperer” (movie): High Tower, Pie and Rimrock

Will Hutchins as Sugarfoot: Penny

Richard Boone as Palladin: Rafter

Richard Simmons as Sgt. Preston of the Yukon: Rex, Blackie. The dog was King.

Gen. Philip Sheridan: Rienzi and Winchester

Steve McQueen as Josh Randall in “Wanted: Dead or Alive”: Ringo

Elvis: Rising Sun

John Payne as Vint Bonner in “Restless Gun”: Scar (real name was John Henry)

Pancho Villa: Siete Leguas (Seven Leagues)

Lee Marvin in “Cat Balou”: Smokey

Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman Potter in “MASH”: Sophie

Gene Barry as Bat Masterson: Stardust

Gail Davis as Annie Oakley: Target. Daisy was the double

Will Rogers when in Vaudeville: Teddy. For riding engagements: Comanche

Bill Boyd (singer) Texas

Robert E. Lee: Traveler

Andrew Jackson: Truxton

George Armstrong Custer: Vic (died at the Little Big Horn)

Dan Reid: Victor

Fred Scott: White Flash

Audie Murphy in Whispering Smith: Joe Queen. Photographed with Flying John (white boots on forelegs) and raced Apache Agent to 1st place in Owner-Trainer Pony Race at Del Mar Turf Club on Sep. 8, 1963.

David Carradine in TV series “Shane”: Candy

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger in the “Virginian”: Easter Ute (Appaloosa owned by James Drury). Joe D another Appaloosa on the show had a double by the name of Joe.

Tim Considine and David Stollery as “Spin and Marty”: Skyrocket (real name Mr. Rick)

Sal Mineo as White Bull in “Tonka”: Tonka?

Brenden Frazier as Dudley DoRight: Horse (real name McFly)

Mel Gibson in “Braveheart”: Traveler

William Shatner as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek: Generations”: I Prefer Montana, which he also rode in the Rose Parade as one of only three Grand Marshalls to ride a horse in the parade (the other two were Gene Autry and Ronald Reagan (the first time he was a GM).

Kevin Costner in “Dances with Wolves”: Cisco (real name Plain Justin Bar)

Teddy Roosevelt rode Little Texas up San Juan Hill

Lee Marvin rode Smoky in Cat Ballou. Smoky was named best animal actor and won a Craven award that year.
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May 23, 2010
When Horse Soldiers starring John Wayne was filmed in Natchitoches Louisiana John Wayne had a double horse that he used in situations where his horse may get harmed. That “stunt double” horse was my farther in-law’s horse. He said it was missing one white stocking and they painted it on
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Sergeant of the Hide
Mar 15, 2019
Sparks, NV
When Horse Soldiers starring John Wayne was filmed in Natchitoches Louisiana John Wayne had a double horse that he used in situations where his horse may get harmed. That “stunt double” horse was my farther in-law’s horse. He said it was missing one white stocking and they painted it on
In the movie, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" with Errol Flynn, 25 horses had to be put down as a result of the "Charge" scene. When Flynn found out about it, he publicized it and it was the beginning of Hollywood taking better care of animals in movies.


May 23, 2010
The vast majority of the background horseman were local cowboys. They rode and handled horses throughout the movie. My great uncle was one of them.
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The smallest kid in "The Cowboys" with John Wayne went on to become one of the best pro rodeo cowboys in team roping. ike3.jpg
Clay O'Brien Cooper and Ike at Ike's retirement in 2011. Ike was 22 years old when he was retired. Arguably one of the best heel horses that ever lived.