Colt M4A1 RECCE KAC MRE Ops Inc Flash hider, Geissele SSA-E Fiberlite CAR, TAS1-UMSS

lord of war619

Jun 10, 2012
maricopa, Az
I built this light RECCE Rifle built on a SOCOM M4A1 Colt KAC MRE build Block 1.5, Cerro lower and Keyhole C stamped upper, M4 profile barrel, New Colt gas block front sight and tube and MRE KAC rail nice little clone and mini MK12
Old Stock Colt Socom
Colt M4A1 Socom Sopmod lower with Geissel SSA-E trigger early Colt fiberlite stock pre N1 stamp, amby safety Cerro mark
Colt C marked Cerro Keyhole upper
Colt CNew Colt C marked BCG
Colt 16" M4 circa 13 chrome lined Barrel
SEI Vortex Ops inc Flash hider and thread protector
(AE M4 Collar on its way)
KAC rear sight
Unobtainium Eagle industries sling and KAC sling mount
Harris BR A1 bipod
KAC bipod mount
KAC PG vertical grip
add up all parts KAC rail, SEI ops in and collar, bipod and adpter TAS1 UMSS kit, Fiberlite CAR stock, Geissele trigger etc.. its about $1300
asking $2200 shipped will add a new Colt 14.5 Socom barrel for $200 but it wont support the M4 Collar and suppressor