Cold weather shooting gloves


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Jun 13, 2008
That’s a huge question. At 30 degrees, I don’t even need a liner glove under my fingerless sling glove on the left hand, which is under tremendous pressure and all that that does to capillaries. Nothing on the right hand, except maybe a military wool liner.

At 15 degrees and below, things get shitty pretty fast. I have a minimum of 2x wool liners, but if it is extremely cold, I have a wool liner inside Outdoor Research gauntlet style shooter gloves. Dexterity is hell, but at -10 and 20 mph wind, there’s not a lot of other options. And it doesn’t even get cold here.

Biggest thing though is NOT your hands. Keep your core warm, and head covered WELL, and all the gloves have to do is keep the skin protected.

Thus me hunting, etc. very comfortably down to about 25 degrees (calm) with just wool liners.

Do NOT constrict your armpits, waist, ankles, knees, neck, or wrists.

Look to ECWCS for warmth if it gets really cold.


Oct 26, 2005
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I use a silk/wool liner glove from under a set of the warmest gloves that ive ever had, theyre from swanys gloves, I'm using the supreme. The Supreme have a liner glove also. But they're black and I hunt Coyotes all winter so a white liner glove is what I use over the black swany liner gloves. You can also use a set of hot hands if you wish inside the mitt.

Hope this helps.


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Feb 7, 2019
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Agreed on liner gloves when possible (above 25 or so if not windy). But being in MN, it's not often like that when I'm shooting in the winter. I recently got some of these for hunting and they seem really nice. I may cut out the trigger finger but going to try it as is for a while:
I might be a little weird but i just run your average mechanix gloves from 0°c/32°f to -25°c/-15°f after that i just use my heavyer work gloves

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Dec 20, 2017
Outdoor Research Firemark Sensors for shooting.


Outdoor Research Shucks over the Firemarks if more protection is needed. Removed quickly, very light and packable. And wind/wet resistant. I keep these in an inside pocket at all times for times I'll leave w/o gloves but end up needing something. Amazing wind protection. Been pleased to find these in my jacket more than once.


If it's REALLY cold I'll wear these Hestra Abiskos w/ the option of the OR Shucks over them for added protection. The Hestras are amazingly warm for their dexterity and bulk. The wool terrycloth liners are the most comfortable material I've ever put my skin in except for, well you know. :geek:


Thinking of adding the OR Gripper Mitts for obvious reasons. Could add a light liner and call it done. This would be a great setup for cold weather only. No real working value and why I like my OR Firemarks.



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Sep 7, 2011
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Manzanella wind-stopper. Very light and thin. Touch screen compatible for ballistics apps. Quite warm.
Use a big OR or Hestra mitten for warming up if get too cool.

The OR “flip-up” mitten in Windstopper is good if you need/want more direct trigger feel. I have a pair.

I also bring chemical warmers as I tend to get cold digits and am screwed if they get too cold.

And think about 1-2 cheap closed cell foam mats for under your shooting mat. Keeps you much warmer. Like the camping section at walmart kind.
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Nov 25, 2006
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Mechanix, look your fingers are going to get cold. They will start hurting like hell. It will radiate to your hands. After a while your heart and vascular system will get the message and start concentrating on that. The pain will pass. If it doesn't you need to get checked out. This is pre-frostbite conditions. Use common sense. Mortar crew gloves are good. Flight nomex gloves are good. Wrapping wool scarf material works. Winter golf gloves. A lot of things work. If you go high dollar throw that shit in some mud. The subterfuge will look like you made a choice a long time ago and it was worth the money. Plus, we have an updated search engine now. Go back in time, resurrect those threads. Ask if anybody lost a finger. Read a good book about Chosin. The ones that fought and made it out with all their digits. What did they do?
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Sep 9, 2019
There's a big difference between someone going out to the range to shoot when it is cold, and doing a full-on battle in the Korean winters, or a creep/stalk in Eastern Europe. Dress appropriately for the conditions you are expecting, and the activities you are performing.

In between shooting, warm those hands up. Easy enough to wear a shell over a liner. I think of the Mechanix things as liners, and would wear something heavier over them when not shooting.

I remember during Basic, it was below 0 with windchill on Range 17 (remember the range number because it was also supposedly 17 degrees without the wind chill that day, and it just stuck in my head), and we still had to pull our gloves off to get good trigger contact. Then gloves back on, back into the heated tent (if there was room), wash/rinse/repeat. F'ing sucked, but you do what you have to do.


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Sep 7, 2011
Denver CO
As above, which is why I reported use of OR mittens or Hestra mittens in between shooting.
8-12k ft ASL during 4th rifle is no joke in CO.
2 yrs ago left the truck at 3F and got colder as we went. Toes got a good nip and didnt feel right for weeks.....🤨

When moving a lot and shooting, its a fine line between warm and dexterity, bulk without crap to worry about (loose mitt) and getting sweaty which will make a hand cold and stay that way.......

Static shooting for practice is different and as said, keep em warm!!


Apr 18, 2017
Pretty much any glove OR makes will be great, I've owned numerous gloves and mitts by them over the years, never been disappointed. They have a insulated shell glove called the convoy sensor, the firebrand mitts are great but discontinued I think, but show up on ebay regularly, honestly can't go wrong with them IMO.
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