*CLOSED* Lab Radar Custom Case Group Buy *CLOSED*

Were you ever able to get PayPal to let you back into your account?
I'm hoping they didn't lock you out to be evil when you had a bunch of money in it that they are now holding hostage forever?
No they closed my account permanently, but there was only $.55 when they did so the 180 day delay to get the $.55 isn't much of a hassle.

The order for this group buy has been placed already, and I am not taking new orders for the group buy (and don't plan any new group buys for this item). The cases will be available on my website for purchase at $234 in limited quantities. I can combine them with a Lab Radar unit and battery backup as well.

PM me if your interested and I can take your information for the pre-order before they go up on the website.


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Oct 1, 2005
Dallas, TX
Glad to hear you didn't loose any money. That's why I always tell people to get money out of paypal as fast at it comes in. When they decide to be bitches, they just say sorry we are the SJW and we are keeping all your money for half a year, a year, whatever we want, no recourse and no we won't tell you why or which sniveling SJW tech you pissed off today.


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Dec 5, 2013
Got my tracking # from FED-X ground out of Colorado Hub....... thanks, MK n Vegas
Tuesday, 08-14-2018 : Items arrived, both case and Unit are matching Orange........GTG.
I'd say this is another successful group buy...well done.
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