Cleanout MOUNTS, BDL Botom Metals, Barrels

Jan 18, 2006
San Antonio Tx
Alright Everybody, Time to clear out the things that aren't gamefully employed. Lets get some new homes for these parts and accessories that I'm not using. All Prices are shipped to your door, if you need more than one Item on the list I make a better deal for saving me the shipping. If you want a better price on something, we could probably work out some kind of trade since I have 4 builds for myself currently going together at the moment. Main trades I'm looking for are barrel blanks and PTG bolts and recoil Lugs. Not really looking for anything else at the moment but Ill entertain any trade offer you may have. With that out of the way...

1. Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) With ADM Quick Detach Mount (SWFA Ebay Amazon and Optics Planet all have listed for 435 and 110 For the ADM) 400.00 w/ both mounting options very lightly used...

2. Accuracy International 2 Chamber Brake. has the standard AI thread, Clean very lightly used. (250 on every website I've found) 100.00

3. Magpul PRS2 Stock for HK G3/91 or FAL style Rifles (HK Parts Has these on "Sale" for 350 and they have sold on ebay for as little as 150 I think thats fair for something Im not gonna use) 150.00

SOLD 4. Timney Calvin Elite single stage remington 700 right handed trigger with safety, new in the box. (Dealer price on brownells is 200.00 on sale) Ill take 175.00

5. Larue Tactical SPR-1.93 QD 30mm Mount (Ebay has them for 200 and amazon has them for 311) I'll take 180.00

6. Leupold Mark 8 35mm IMS Tactical one piece mounting system (no longer available through leupold to the public they list the price at 550.00) 200.00

SOLD 7. Surefire SFMB-762-/5/8-24 Muzzle break Adapter for SOCOM 7.62 Suppressors (Brownells has it for 150) I'll take 125.00

8. TPS steel 30mm Tactical medium rings ( Amazon has them for 100) 75.00 takes them.

9. AAC 16" 300 Blackout 1 in 7 twist new never shot from Cheaper than dirt (they have them for 350) Ill take 150.00

10. U.S. Optics Scope Base 20MOA for Rem 700 SA (no longer available, was 185 new) Ill take 130.00

11. Odin Workx Special edition limited run Texas Special 15" fore end (Only available @ shot show 2018 for select winners of a drawing) 250.00

12. Black Hole Weaponry 5.56 1-7 twist 7.5" barrel (took it in on a trade, not sure what its worth) 120.00 with gas system

13. Agency Arms oversized magwell for G17 with medium backstrap. 80.00 to your door.

14. Old style Rem 700 SA bottom metal with 223 mag box block. this bottom metal can be set up to use the mag block to feed 223 or without to feed .308 size cases and is smooth without the texture like the new bottom metal and can inculde an old walker style trigger for you build for an extra charge bottom metal alone is 120 with both followers and 155 with the trigger (dont have any extra pins or bolt catches though).

15. One Box Hornady ELD-X 7mm 175gr pills 30.00

16. New style Rem 700 factory bottom metal with mag box follower and spring I have 3 sets of these ready to ship and Ill take 80 each or 200 for all three and one have a machined follower not the stamped steel like the modern version...

Pics will be up shortly....


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