Beware of "Urge2Hunt" hunt Broker on Facebook


Jun 22, 2012
Redway, Ca.
I had a loyal customer take me on a elk hunt this fall. My friend and I were sold a bull elk hunt which included a mule deer landowner tag on a 10K acre private ranch. We were told the landowner only got 2 deer tags and we were going to be the only people hunting deer for the 2019 season. Our primary focus was bull elk. The outfitter turned out to be primary a deer outfit with bull elk being a bonus if they happen to be on the land. The 10K acre ranch turned out to be 3-4 small 5-600 acre ranches that had 9 people per day hunting mule deer in blinds or staying stationary in cover. We could literally see the other hunters some of the days that were within 500y of us. No wonder we weren’t allowed to move around the properties. On top of that with so much pressure only one mature mule deer was spotted at 700y away the entire time. We only spotted a few cow elk twice on the trip. We were either lied to about the hunt or Serge somehow mixed up our hunt with another. I contacted him after the hunt and for compensation was offed $600 off a late season cow elk hunt. Such a shame we ended up spending about 18K total on this trip and came home with empty coolers and the complete opposite hunt that was sold to us. Empty coolers was not the problem, as I'm well aware that all hunts are not guaranteed. I’m very disappointed Urge2hunt does not stand behind his word or the hunt that was sold to us. I'm sure that most of the hunting outfits he sells for are genuine and honest, but he is willing to embellish and over sell the hunts to make some money. I’ll have to chalk this up as a very expensive, hard learned lesson. I don’t usually like to call out businesses on social media, but I can’t stand when people take advantage of others.