Beginner / Intermediate1000 yards training class Lewistown, PA

Beginner / Intermediate /and Advanced courses. LRP1 is perfect for the shooter that normally shoots 100-200 yards, our training course will have you banging steel at 1000 yards. Our courses are 2 days in Lewistown PA, include free clubhouse lodging, night shoot at 700-1000 yards (a favorite), moving target engagement, (LRP2) multiple drills to help fine tune your skills, prize giveways from our sponsors, BBQ and cook shack at the firing line, evening fire at the firing line, intro to PRS style shooting from barricades, free shot with a .50 Cal, certificates of completion, and Top Shooter award. You will leave with all the knowledge it takes to engage targets out to 1000 yards and beyond.
View our website for complete info. course dates and instructor bio's. Our course fill fast, feel free to call 7 days a week, from 9am-9pm if you have any questions.
Thank you. You can visit our Facebook and Instagram for tons of current photos, vidoes, and student feedback about us.