Barely Used 260


Commercial Supporter
Oct 31, 2004
S.F. Bay area CA
We rarely do this but a good friend is trading in this safe queen. It’s a barely used 260 that I built for him a couple years ago and it’s minty fresh. Looks like new with 220 rounds through it.
-Spartan integral (Deviant) receiver, short action, right hand, 20MOA rail, mini M-16 extractor, shallow spiral bolt flutes, thick tang, Guardian mag well for DBMs only
-Bartlein barrel, #14 contour, 8.5 twist and 26” long chambered in 260 Remington
-McMillan fully adjustable A5
-Badger Ordnance M5 Enhanced and one, 5 round AICS mag971B5FE4-286F-4B4F-A9E0-9766CBC2F900.jpeg
-Vais muzzle brake ( if you prefer something else I can swap it for no charge)
-Jewell trigger

New it was about $5,000 with a 1 year wait. Available now for $4,200.