Back in the saddle from MD


Semper Fi
May 22, 2009
Baltimore, MD
Received the newsletter and came back to the old site! I lost interest after the site move for various reasons but am glad to see things percolating here. Hoping to get into the paid subscription space after a while and improve my game.

Currently I'm shooting a 700 5R in a McRees chassis and a PST 6-24 FFP scope. Best shot so far was a first round hit at 1,000 yards during a weekend class at BangSteel. ~1.5 MOA target but still felt pretty darned good. After my youngest decided she also wants to shoot some long range, I've invested in a RPR in 6mm Creed and am awaiting delivery. I plan to bring her to a few 600 yard F-class matches in '18 since she's still too little to properly handle a rifle in a precision match. We don't have a lot to spend on the sport so we're keeping things on the less spendy side.

Just got into HAM radio as well so the learning just keeps on coming. Will probably go for my Extra license before the year is out.

Good to be back...


Captain, USMM (retired)
Feb 13, 2017
............and where the wit is sharp, the humor is funny, patriotism abounds, accuracy is foremost and everyone has an opinion! Welcome back Marine!