ATF just called me!


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Mar 1, 2017
The Natural State
I forgot to write down on my finger print card my place of birth, I just had the city and not the state. This is for my DeadAir Sandman Ti that I submitted the form4 for back in May, forget what day, they cashed the check a week later. Super nice lady on the phone, She said everything was good to go and that its now off to the FBI for background check.....what does that tell me for how much longer I have to wait? I have a Cary Permit for Arkansas, but that won't mean a thing will it?
Mar 10, 2013
The carry permit does you no good.

I have left something out of a Form 4 or Form 1 submission before. Never got a phone call, though.
I got a letter requesting the missing item. Got my approved form within 2 or 3 weeks of sending in the missing stuff.
That was a few years ago. Not sure if the time line will be the same now.
Jun 19, 2017
Time line is doubtfully the same. They have changed the process now, by sending all forms through a pre-screening to ensure that it is correct, then they send it on to the other steps like the FBI. Previous it went to an examiner, who screened for errors then corrected errors and kept things in their queue to process when everything was ready. Now it goes into a pile of compete awaiting an examiner approval to pick it up and approve it. Faster/longer? WTF knows


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Feb 13, 2017
holy shit. you submitted in may of 2016 or 2017??? I sent mine oct of 2016 and haven't heard shit back yet. please tell me you sent yours in may of this year..
Jul 7, 2005
Western Kansas
BLKWLFK9 - ROTFLMAO - but I can sure relate to your relief! Would love to see the HPA or SHUSH act pass - like tomorrow! Am waiting on the stamp for my TBAC 22TD to get here so I can compare it to the SWR Spectre II I've been shooting on my 40X 22RF repeaters...