Anyone here have a Springfield 911


Captain Nimcompoop
Jun 13, 2011
Lost in Idaho...
Anyone have one of these? Im toying with the idea of getting a .308 911 pocket pistol. Seems to be a direct copy of the Sig 238, which is a copy of the Colt Mustang. Im not a huge Springfield Armory fan, especially after they and RRA got caught lobbying for themselves and throwing others in the industry under the bus, but the 911 looks promising.

Ive played with it in the store and it fits my hands quite well. Im also interested because Im looking for something more concealable than my Ruger LCR, and this seems to fit the bill. The Alpha is the one Im most looking at because cheap.. $325 shipped with 2 mags.

Im just looking for some real people feedback as opposed to the YouTube shills out there.



Jul 10, 2019
Did they get their build quality issues sorted? I went to the LGS with a 911 in mind but they said they've seen a lot of unhappy 911 customers. I rented a P238 and a P938 and walked out with the P238 Legion. I'm not sure how true or widespread the QC issues on the 911 really are - this is just one anecdote. But with the SIGs they've been out around 9 years and halfway through that came out with a 2nd generation to address all the issues with the original models.

That's a hard price to touch for a good hammer-fired pocket .380 but I bet you could find a used P238 around there (make sure it's ~2015+). I'm a bit biased because I have and love one of my own. It's a solid pistol.

Hornady FTX is my own .380 of choice, based on test results for penetration & expansion online and my own experience of no feed/eject issues. When the pistol was young it didn't like large-opening rounds (of which the FTX and XTP Honady bullets aren't and never had issue) but after ~1K cartridges she does eat everything I've tried now.

.380 goodness: