Any Roadies Out There V4

Well registered for the 2018 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic from Durango to Silverton. Will be my 9th time and will try to get my ass over the passes at age 63. Use it as a motivator to keep my on the bike and train through the cold winter mornings. Hope to make it 10 in 2019. One of the wonderful things about this ride is seeing all the 45+ year old women who are in incredible shape and getting to draft off them.
Just make sure you bring an inhaler. If Froome can use one, you're allowed one also.
The added benefit is if one of the ladies gets you a bit excited, you won't hyperventilate. :eek:

I wish I had the motivation to ride every day like I used to. My poor Colnago just hangs in the garage weeping

Dirty D

Pain in the ass
It’s not much by some of my friends standards but I passed my 3k mile goal for 2017, I just committed to 5k for 2018.
Dirty D that is good mileage for the year and a big commitment for 2018. Wishing you the best in meeting your goal.

Mike: A shame to have a beautiful Colnago sitting in the garage. No doubt every time you walk by it says "ride me". Been riding one of the original Merlin TI frames built in Cambridge, MA. Bought the frame in 1995 and still going strong with its 4th set of components.
I just need to get off lazy ass and start riding again.
I met my wonderful wife through mutual riding friends.
Maybe this will be the year I get going again, but I doubt I'll surpass my 2013 mileage of over 12k miles. Finding 5 or 6 days per week to ride is nearly impossible now.
12K+ miles is impressive. These days I am happy to get 2k to 2.5k per year between November and May. Gets too bloody hot here in the summer to ride and beside have three matches a month from April to October. Registering for ride like Iron Horse forces me to train since you can't fake that ride.
Riding in the summer sweat season is awful. On a 40 mile ride I'll kill two large bidons.
On longer rides we make sure there is a place to refill.
I sometimes wonder if the humidity here actually makes riding better in the summer as opposed to your local. We get a little swamp cooler effect from it.

During 2017 I doubt I put in 500 miles. I stopped tracking the speed, cadence, HR and miles so it's likely I did less than half that.
Huge change and the 25lbs I gained shows it.
I need to buy new pants or start riding more...:eek: