AICS 2.0 magazine problems


Nov 13, 2005
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Just picked up a aics 2.0 SA. Installed my Rem 700 SA, torqued properly in chassis.
Problem is is takes a fair whack on the bottom of the magazine to get it to snap into
place where it locks in. This is with aics 5 and 10 round magazines.

Anyone ran into this before?

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Gunny Sergeant
Commercial Supporter
Mar 14, 2010
Sturgis, S. Dakota
I can help.

Pull the DBM back out of the gun. You'll need a roll punch and a hammer to do what I'm about to tell you. Remove the release lever. Now clamp it in a shop vise. (not too hard so as not to embed the vice knurls into the side of it. Smooth or leather jaws are best for this)

Expose just a smidge of the lever where it purchases the louvered tab on the back of the magazine. Now file that with a flat file. Maybe .01" to .015" in how much you remove. Clean up any edge you may have created.

Now put it all back together. If it still takes a smack, then just repeat.

That's the "better way".

The ghetto method is to just stick two 1/4" flat washers between the DBM and the stock. It'll pull the floormetal away and do the same thing. Just be aware every time you pull the thing apart stuff goes everywhere when you

Good luck.

Tips: Use the top of the vice jaws as your guide so you don't roll a corner off.