Adding weigth to a stock/chassis


Nov 7, 2017
Dear all,
my KRG Bravo stock/chassis is very nice and light, which would make it even good for hunting.
As it is my dedicated PRS rifle though, i wanted to add some weight.
I found a suitable way to put some weight into stock cavities.

Mixing 1mm lead shot with silicone or epoxy in a freeze bag.
Start with very little silicone and add bit by bit until you can cover all shot.
Then put the mixture into the cavity in the stock and press it firmly in (see picture).
After a few hours I applied an extra layer of pure silicone on top for a strong and even surface.
The weight can be removed by prying out the mass if silicone is used instead of epoxy.
The cavieties I fileld are not exposed after reassembling the stock. If that would be the case, you will have to use epoxy.

I added about 1.5 pounds to the stock which is now balancing the rifle much better and makes it sit solide on the bags.


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