Accu-tig bolt knob work

Anyone used dan at accutig lately? He mailed two bolts back with the handle knocked off and no explanation. A phone call to see what I had messed up and how to get things rolling again was met with the "it's junk" line and hung up on. One bolt was new so I guess I missed something. Guessing he's not interested in the work anymore unfortunately, who else tigs these decent and keeps handles in stock?



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I've heard nothing but good about him. Sorry for your pain. That sucks. Maybe try Long Rifles Inc.?


Dan (ACCU-TIG) just completed a Remington 700 bolt for me. He received it on 10 Jan 2018 and return shipped on 12 Jan 2018. Bolt works properly now. I'll e-mail him about this so he can respond should he want to.

Something worth noting is that if anyone elects to have us perform the Time/Tig service I require the action be sent along with the bolt. The reason is simple. Remington has a long legacy spanning well over half a century. Things have changed in that time. When you have us do the work, we also address the Primary Extraction issue that plagues the action. The only way I can do this effectively is to have the action in hand.

Timing the fire control and restoring/setting Primary Extraction are two very different things.

So, if you are considering us for the work, know that we'll need your action.