A huge shout out to New England Custom Guns...


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Feb 23, 2010
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So my .416 Taylor Mauser custom had an issue with the scope this weekend. One of the scope windage screws is likely lying in the dust in Namibia somewhere... and I didn't notice until I went to shoot it this weekend. NECG supplied the claw mounts (removeable and returnable) for my scope. And are only an hour or so away... and I had to go down there anyway.

E-mailed them Sunday with the 'emergency' for a replacement part. At 8:04 am on Monday... they responded to my e-mail while I was on my way down to see them. Their response was "Come on down, we got this." I paraphrased. But it was unequivocal... they were on it!

I got there about 10 am... Their gunsmith took a look and noted that, yes, the screw had gone... which affected windage adjustment. And in the next 20 minutes... supplied a new screw. Reset the scope in the rings as it had slipped a small amount (rings were made for 8mm Mauser... not .416 Taylor!!!) He reset and tightened. Cleaned the whole rifle. Set up on bore-sighting jig and re-bore sighted. Returned to me ready to go.

The bill... Zero. Nothing. Nada. A "Thank you for buying our parts... we stand behind them and you" was their response. The mounts and several of the parts on the custom build came from them. They didn't even flinch. It's our pleasure to get your gun ready for your hunt.

THIS.... is what customer service and really great gun people are all about.

I knew they were a great outfit. But they just became one of my customer service heroes! If you need bases, mounts, parts, services for your older guns.... I can't say enough about how great these folks are.

Thanks for listening....

It's so nice to find competence once in a while...





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Jun 3, 2010
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I've always liked NECG's stuff; just classy stuff from an age lost on most young shooters. I'm glad to hear their CS is as good as the quality parts they sell.

Foul Mike

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Apr 18, 2001
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That is good to hear or read.
For me it is Burris. I live 120 miles from the Greeley facility. If I have a problem with a scope, I load up and take it to them.
They always take care of me and tell me that if upon taking it to the range or field and it does not satisfy me to bring it back and they make it right every time. I have never had to return, right the first time every time.
It may be that it is good to be "local" but I think they do their best no matter what or whom. They are good people and value their customers.
The longest I have ever waited for repairs or replacement was 1.5 hours and that was because I told them I would be back later.
I have taken some really old scopes to them, all well used, and some may be in their archives but I have always left happy.
Glad you have good customer service as well. Service like that is what keeps us coming back and buying new products. FM