85gr MatchBurner Calibration

Hopefully this is in the right place. I finally got around to crunching some numbers. This isn't intended to prove one set of numbers superior to others, I just wanted to share what I noticed...

Barnes lists a G1 BC of .41
Bryan Litz lists an average G7 BC of .204

When I went out and calibrated my load using the Applied Ballistics App here's what I got... (Velocity measured with magneto speed)

2480 fps, G7-.204, Dens. Alt.- 300ft

-101 meters- .5" high (my zero)
-589 meters- 22MOA (perfect elevation)
-1079 meters- 44MOA + 10 MIL hold (group center 6" high)

The calibrated muzzle velocity ends up being 2475 fps with a 3.5% BC adjustment at mach .81

So using BulletFlight's BC calculator for distance/drop, I got...

-589 meters- G1- .406 G7- .204
-1079 meters- G1- .373 G7- .195

If it means much to anyone, this is out of a 16" barrel with a 1-8" twist. Turns out my calculated supersonic G7 BC perfectly matches Bryan Litz's and is within 1% of Barnes' published one. Also noteworthy is that if you take 3.5% off of the .204 BC as per AppliedBallistics you get .197 which is just over 1% off from my calculated BC. Now I know this isn't the most scientific approach to measuring BC, but it does kind of illustrate that using the right set of tools and numbers can yield more than acceptable results.

Either way, has anyone else had similar results or even any experience with this bullet in particular?