6.5CM Federal Non Typical issues.


Aug 14, 2018
Do any of you have experience with the Fed Non Typical 140gr out past 600yds? We were at the range the other day shooting steel. I was using the non typ rounds and had consistent hits out to 650yds hitting a half size torso. Once I stepped out to 750yds I was only hitting 1 out of 10 on a full size torso plate. Unfortunately we were shooting pretty flat terrain so we couldnt see where I was hitting to see if it was consistant or not. I picked up a bunch of this ammo because it was 15.99 with a $5 mail in rebate. Pretty hard to beat. I had been shooting Hornady match and ELD out to 1000yds consistantly. I know the non typical only has a high .4xx BC but would that really cause that drastic of a change in accuracy within a 100yd difference?
I am zeroed with the non typical and shot consistent .4moa groups at 100yds with a chrono'd speed around 2800. After this I just plan on using it to hunt coyotes, cats, and pigs out to 500yds. Anybody have similar results with this ammo? Or is my shooting just going to pot.
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