25 06

Hey fella's,
Looks to be one of these arriving in the not so distant future and I've never done any loading for this caliber. Looking for suggestions or starting points, any help would be appreciated. Mostly it would be for whitetail maybe the occasional varmint.

I'd prefer to stay with the Hodgdon lines of powders
Great caliber! Usually overlooked and underrated. I did some reloading for this, using a Model 70 featherweight. It will make a hell of a mess out of a coyote...

Berger 115 VLD
H4831 SC (48.5 start - 54.3 max)
WLR Primer
Norma Brass

This is all I have, not much. I tried accubonds, couldn't get the groups I that I was with Berger. Out of my Berger manual it specifically calls out the 115 gn VLD and H4831 SC as a favorite for long shots on deer or vermin, page 518.
I shoot R22 behind a 100 gr NBT. Shoots great from a 12 twist barrel. I'm stuck at the 100 grainers as I bought the rifle used and that's what barrel it had on it. Wish I could go with a bigger bullet for longer range, but, the Noslers have put down the two deer I have shot with it pretty hard. Shot them in a pasture, so I actually got to see the entire scene. A big mule kick, followed by one jump, and then they piled up right there. Both deer did the same exact thing. Many people overlook the .25 for some of the sexier 6 and 6.5s, but if you build these guns right, they really will shoot. This picture is my wife's shooting this rifle at 200 yds. This was the first time she had ever shot a long range rifle.



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Did you get to do any load development yet? I'm on the stand now (probably letting a trophy slip by while typing this) but I've got a load that my gun loves that I'm happy to share when I get back home this evening if still interested.
Sorry for being mia from this thread for a bit, I hve a load for 100gr NBT's, i have some 117's that I havent really started working with yet. I'll post the 100gr load when I have time to look it up.
Good cartridge it can definitely move lead in a hurry.
Just watch it can chew up barrels in a hurry depending on the load.

Last summer I put around 400 rounds through my 25-06 and it erased .032 of the throat lands.
You play you pay

My go to powders were H4831and IMR4451 With 75 gr Vmax.