.22 cal Spinner Targets

Jul 12, 2008
Sioux Falls, SD
Just looking to gauge interest for a trainer spinner target for 22's. I built a few for family and friends and they all love them. The video below is me shooting my Ruger Precision Rimfire at 80 yards. I ended up adding a little extra weight to the bottom plate to require 3 hits to spin it like a typical centerfire spinner.

I'm thinking I'd have to have $125 for the spinner, cross bar and legs. Let me know if you'd be interested at that price! I'll get some pictures up soon.

The top plate is 2.5" and the bottom plate is 3.5". The vertical piece connecting them is 1/8" x 2", so it's durable but not easy to hit (cheat). ***This is only for 22 long rifle, I have not tested with 17's or .22 magnums***

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