2018 Wisconsin Events and Shooting thread

Geno C.

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I have the series set to record!

Ed was good enough to chamber up my old 260 barrel to 6.5-47L for my old boy (Buzz). It's got a short threat because I wanted to shoot lighter bullets to reduce the recoils for him since he is only an 80lb 10 year old. Well, took it out on Tuesday and did a little rough load development with varget and 120amax. Showed promise so I loaded 20 of the best shooting load to take out to a friends farm to shoot. We set steel at 225,318 and 400 because the land owner has never really shot past 100 yards. He said his zero was good at 100 and I brough a couple larger plates for confidence. Had him making hits with his ar on a 8" plate with his AR and 55gr vmax factory ammo. He was stoked!

We took out a couple of my guns and I wanted to see what Buzz's gun could do at distance so he jokingly suggested we put a plate at the far end of the field we were shooting by a little gravel pile. I said "hell yeah!" To his surprise it lasered out at 1200 even. I had 10 rounds left. After 5 to true the drop and wind I put 2 rounds on he 10x13" plate and the final 3 into 4" on the 12" round plate beside it! Needless to say I'm very happy with how it shoots!! 44moa of drop and 6moa of wind.

My 300wsm, shooting 210vlds at 2850 were using 5moa of wind for comparison.

Another great start to the year and I think another guy bitten by the long range bug.
Excellent to hear Geno

Glad to see another one in the area getting the shooting bug. It looks like you got a tack driver as well, a nice setup for Buzz.


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Last I heard about Racine they were hoping to get one spring and one fall match in around the land work.

Made it out today with Garrett G to Shiocton. Shot a little prone and a little off my tripod. I still need tripod work. I also brought the AR out and got that dialed in a bit closer.

To all those that have shot at the TNT club, there's word that they are going to do another tightest group shoot at 420 yards on Feb. 3rd this event will be a team shoot compiled of 4 or 5 member teams. There's a lot of gray area with the rules, some of the chatter - it might be random draw teams, guns only shot once. The whole idea is they want to try something different. You shoot your target and get scored individually as well as used for the team or you may be shooting two targets.

Plan a 4 or 5 member team ahead of time just incase that flys and the random draw doesn't happen.

Anyways things will get figured out on Feb. 3rd and it should be fun.

For those that have not been at the TNT club - folks will start showing up around 10:30 sign up is probably at 11:00
Location look at a map -
Locate Marshfield, WI
Follow Highway H west out of town till you meet Highway V
Follow Highwasy V north from Highway H for about 3 miles till you see Mann Road
Turn West on Mann Road and go a 1/2 mile
The TNT motorcycle club will be on your left

Just passing along what I heard

If they're going to do the team thing it would be best they figured out how it was going to be done sooner. That way people can plan accordingly

Jamie and buzz are out... they're leaving for FL that day