1. C

    Tikka T1x

    Setup: 20 inch stock barrel, MDT LSS-RF chassis, actions screws torqued 30 in-lbs, Scope: Sightron Bigsky, YoDave trigger spring, DIP rail, Limbsaver dampener on barrel end Most groups will be shot from front rest/rear bag sitting but will throw some bipod/prone in as well. Today's best...
  2. tylerw02

    Tikka CTR 6.5 Creedmoor, Leupold

    Tikka T3X CTR in 6.5 Creedmoor Excellent condition, low round count. Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 TMR, knobs converted to M5 0.1 mrad per click Badger Ordinance steel rings. $1750 shipped Conus to your FFL from an individual. Suppressor not included.
  3. Novak77

    Tikka 595 Master Sporter .308 $1100 to your FFL

    Up for your consideration is a Tikka 595 Master Sporter in .308. I bought this as a poor mans TRG (wife shoots a TRG :p), finally found a TRG22 for myself, so its time to let it go. I am the second owner, first owner claimed less than 350 and I've put less than 150 through it. This rifle is a...
  4. Dman3931

    Tikka CTR or Lite with Chassis

    I was one click away from purchasing my first Tikka in a CTR 6.5CM, when I stopped and wanted to take a poll of the forum, as they are much more knowledgeable than me on the subject. Basically, if you purchase a Tikka Lite 6.5CM and immediately drop it into a chassis, is that better than buying...
  5. Dman3931

    Bergara, Browning, or Tikka Recommendation?

    New to the forum and wanted to ask the groups opinion to help me best select my new rifle. I grew up shooting small calibers for target practice and I’m well versed in ARs as an Army vet and through my Sig M400 with an EOTech XPS2. I have recently got into hunting and have done a fair share on...
  6. 695swede

    New from Idaho

    Hello. Just another newbie here. Building my old m695 Tikka 6.5x55, Gonna see how far we can make it shoot..
  7. G

    Stocks for Tikka T3 and Remington 700 and clones for sale Price Reduced

    I have 3 stocks for sale (scroll down below to see pictures--if you want more pictures I can send them to you): 1) Tikka T3 Tactical stock (fully adjustable for cheek height and length of pull) plus 3 308 magazines. was $150, Lets get this sold so now This stock is now sold 2) Tikka T3X CTR...
  8. P

    Tikka T3 custom build

    I am currently looking into buying Tikka T3 LH in 308 to start a 6.5 Creedmoor build. So far Im leaning towards a Manners MCS T4 with CDI bottom metal or XLR Evolution chassis and a Bartlein 5R varmint contour 1;8 twist at 26" with a badger brake. Obviously Im going to change out the shroud and...
  9. C

    260 T3 Sporter at 1010m

    Sharing my 5.4" five shot group at 1011m from this weekend. Range has a bank of 1m square plates with 30cm round suspended in the middle. Using a factory standard Tikka T3 Sporter in 260. Lapua 136gr at 2750fps from 24" factory barrel. Steiner 5-25 Military in Spuhr mount. Ase S7 338...
  10. M

    Beretta Tikka t3 Lite .270

    I am planning to get a tikka t3 lite in the .270 caliber and was wondering what grain bullet I should use. Should I be using a heavier grain to even out the balance between the flatter tragectory and stopping power of the .270. I am using the rifle for whitetail. Please help :)
  11. 3

    Tikka t3 vs savage 12fv

    I am in the process of buying a rifle for my significant other as she fell in love with my old rem700 sps tactical in .223. So I'm in a toss up between these two rifles. Both would be bought in .223 rem caliber. I have narrowed it down between the pros and cons. Also, both are within $20 in...
  12. usmc02xx

    Tikka t3 question

    I picked up a t3 varmint in 308 (20 inch) used at a gunshow over the weekend. looks new, bolt isnt even worn. Got it for $599 btw :-) . The thing thats bothering me is that it has a integral muzzle brake (magna porting?). The dealer told me it was ordered that way. He said he specifically...
  13. O23fish

    New stock for Tikka Tac-

    Looking to upgrade my stock on my CTR Tikka(T3) .308 tactical rifle. Shoots dime groups @ 100yds now,when i do my part. I want more range. Money is an obvious factor(family) what's the best bang for my buck? Pillar bedded..rather aluminum block ect. Looking at the xlr evolution but at $700.00 I...
  14. P

    Tikka or other cheap 30-06 and 300 win mag LR rifles?

    Im looking at possibly getting a rifle for each of these calibers. I want a 30-06 just for the fact that my father passed on many tens of thousands of rounds of AP surplus and m1 garand surplus ammunition along with RCBS dies, a bullet puller, and other reloading supplies for this round. A ruger...
  15. tacgnut

    How to: 20 min rail on a Tikka Tactical T3

    I have this Tikka T3 Tac rifle, it shoots very well but I need more elevation for longer shots. Is there a way to do this since the base is integral?
  16. Corp. Punishment

    Tikka Single Shot follower?

    When I am at the range I enjoy loading my rifle single shot, but with my Tikka T3 the round always misses the hole. I am now on the search for a single shot follower. Does anybody know where I could get one? Thanks
  17. H

    tikka t3 lite picatinny rail

    hey guys, i recently picked up a t3 in .308 and am trying to get a scope setup that works well for me. currently on there is a bushnell 3-9 that came with the rifle. i have a scope and mount that i used on my grendel for a while (super sniper and larue lt-104 mount) that i really liked. i know...
  18. Fortis

    Tikka T3 torque specs

    Does anyone know what the torque specs are for the Tikka T3 action screws? I have this fear of cracking the factory floorplate.
  19. beenjammin

    Roedale precision stock on a Tikka T3 tactical

    I currently own a AIAw, but jus cant keep my eyes off the tikka t3 in one of those RCS stocks. I have never fired a tikka t3 but have read so much good about them, minus the stock. I have owned a trg 22 and loved it. I guess my question is: How does the tikka trigger and action compare directly...
  20. G

    tikka t3 308 to 300

    Hi,I want to convert a Tikka t3 .308 to a .300 win mag. My question is will I need to change the extractor as it dosent look as though it will allow a 300 in. I know the bolt face has to be opened up. I havent done anything on this yet, I havent even tried a 300 round up to the face yet but...