1. B

    Ruger Mk II or Mk III wanted

    Hiya guy from South East PA... I posted this on a local fire arms forum, and thought I would try here, apologies if a "wanted" post is bad form for a newbie Ideally, I'm looking for the S/S Government Target Model with the 6-7/8" bull barrel in S/S. From what I understand this...
  2. S

    The ultimate target stand!

    This is 50/50 product and DIY...but I recently came across a new product called The Last Stand ( and basically you buy their molded joint system and go to the hardware store to buy some #4 rebar and you have a fully adjustable, bullet resistant and very transportable target...
  3. B

    mk4 4.5-14x40 target

    How do these compare to other Mk4s? I note that they're a lot cheaper, and have target knobs as opposed to M1/2/3 knobs, and they are also lighter. I'm considering buying one and getting M1 knobs installed, I prefer the 40mm objective to the 50mm
  4. Seuss

    BC for Wolf Match Target?

    Anyone? Thanks.
  5. O

    Ruger M77 243 Target Rifle

    I recently picked up a Ruger MK2 Target rifle in 243 Win. A buddy had it for a couple of weeks and needed some cash fast,so i got a good deal on it, and the 2 boxes of brass he shot though it. Now heres my problem? This thing soots like SHIT!!!! I dont consider 1 1/2-2 MOA at 100yrds a target...
  6. 762frmafr


    i have a load of AR500 coming in pretty soon, and i need some plans for some steel targets. anyone have any links i could look at? i want stuff that when i shoot at it it moves. like poppers and such or cool spinners. static steel gets boring after a while. thanks a bunch. if it works out, i...
  7. ssgp2

    WiFi target monitoring

    Part 1 Why? Shooting long range target is a lot of fun, but it`s a pain to drive down to the target to see the results. Unless your shooting at a range where you have target service(Highpower) or using steel, seeing holes trought your optic past 400yds is tricky.   Many solutions are...
  8. rockybrashear

    savage target actions

    i was looking at target actions on the savage web sit the other day and noticed that most came in either a .223 or "standard bolt head". what do they mean by standard bolt head exactly? is it any other standard cartidge sizes offered by savage or what?

    target .22lr scope mounts

    how do you determine what scope mounts and or scope mount spacing to mount an old school Unertl or Lymann targetspot style scope. I have a couple of old target 22's and eventually I'll be looking for mount "blocks" if you will, for a scope. I know there is POSA and Standard mounts, just where...
  10. JoeMartin

    200 Yard Shooting - A21 -vs- TQ4 Target?

    For those of us (and those who will) that are shooting 200 yards on the A21 Target (or smaller metal targets such as a 6x8 inch gong like I shoot at),,, I'm wondering if the A21 Target is even needed once a person works out their Dope for 200 yard .22LR shooting? It seems to me that the 100...
  11. LoneWolfUSMC

    Snipers Hide Dot Target variation?

    I know I saw it on here somewhere, but can't find it. Does anyone have a link to the SH Dot Drill target that is the small black dots surrounded by a larger black circle? (NOT THE GROUP TARGET) I could make one fairly easily, but why reinvent the wheel? Thanks
  12. A

    Weighed some Wolf Match Target .22 ammo

    So it turns out my 10/22 with a Whistle Pig barrel really seems to like Wolf Match Target (I'm too cheap for Match Extra). Groups out to 100 yards were within an inch and an odd flyer or two. In my neurotic obsession to polish a turd, I decided to go with the free approach to increase...
  13. I

    Target department stores and S&B scopes

    Why have talks broke down between Target Department stores and S&B optics?
  14. 3

    Target Range Correction...Double Check My Math

    Happy Father's Day Gentlemen! I'm through my 1st week of Sniper School at OPOTA in London, Ohio. Our Instructor wants us ready for a cold bore shot at 300 yards on Monday....I would appreciate a math check. Here's the specs: Remington PSS .308, Federal Match 168gr BTHP MK, Leupold...
  15. Michael Victor

    Built my own steel target... (UPDATED-TESTED)

    I love shooting steel (like who doesn't?) and enjoy building things so I decided to make my own steel target for desert shoots. My mission was to create a hard steel target that was self-standing, could break down to easily fit in my car/truck and take a beating from either...
  16. W

    Enfield L39A1 target rifle 7.62x51

    I am thinking of selling my L39A1 and want to know what it is worth. It is not very common so I am having trouble finding comparables. It is in great shape and is very accurate and is also a real one dated 1970 and not a cut down No4. Any info or ideas will be of great help as work is going slow...
  17. A

    Target load for 7mm Ultra Mag

    Anyone have a good target load for 7mm ultra mag
  18. E

    New Steel Target

    I finished a new target today got it hung up and took some pics I also bought a new 1022 slapped a scope on it zeroed it in on the new target so I won't be showing the front hits after that LOL I think it will be a lot of fun from 50yrds to 200yrds for small bore. The holes from top left to...
  19. T

    my 200 yard rimfire target

    less black area for better focus
  20. USMCj

    Grafs has Berger 7mm 180gr Target VLD's in stock