1. S

    Accuracy international 1.5 chassis for sale

    Accuracy International 1.5 Chassis in FDE for Remington L/A and clones. This chassis comes with both thumbhole and grip handle skins. A 6 inch rail is also included in addition to the short rail with sling stud. $900.00
  2. S

    Masterpiece Comp Chassis for sale

    Masterpiece competition chassis in FDE for sale. Comes with all 3 lug lock rollers and picatinny rail spigot. This is a short action for Remington and Remington clones. Bipod is not included. $750.00
  3. spelunk

    SOLD - KRG X-RAY chassis short action Remington 700 and clones

    **SOLD** For sale is a FDE KRG X-Ray chassis in great shape. It is right handed, for Remington short action 700 and clones. This chassis comes with all the original kit, plus some extras. Everything in the picture is included: - FDE chassis - 2 different length pic rails - sling stud for bipod...
  4. M

    Price reduced - New Magpul Pro 700 &nvm

    Looking to sell a folding Magpul pro 700 chassis in black Plus night vision rail. Bought this for a build I didn’t end up building. It’s never been used other than briefly mounting an action for literally a few moment to check fitment. It retails on sale currently for 890 (MSRP $1000) without...
  5. J

    Custom .223 2300.00

    Manners t4a elite stock with mini chassis, stiller predator action, bartlein barrel threaded, schilen stainless trigger. Safe queen! 2300.00 + shipping. 24” 1-7 500 rounds med Palma
  6. SandiegoReloader27


    I have a manners t4a elite corbon fiber with gen 2 mini chassis in saltwater camo for Remington 700 and clones. It has a bighorn tl3 in it now with a proof competition profile barrel and it fits perfect. It comes with a area 419 arca rail. It has 2 flush cups, barricade stop. It is in perfect...
  7. J

    Howa 1500 APC .308

    Any recommendations to replace an MBA-4 milspec butt stock for precision shooting? I’d like to adjust my Howa .308 to a precision rifle with as much reliable accuracy as possible and welcome any advice. This is my first post & first AR, albeit a bolt action. My primary goal is precision with...
  8. N

    FS: KRG Bravo stock (Remington SA, FDE, pic rail for bipod) $325 net shipped

    I mounted a barreled action into it and it went into the safe for about two years. Never been shot, all hardware included, including a short metal Magpul MLOK rail for a bipod. Atlas bipod in picture not included. $325 net to me, shipped. PayPal goods and services only.
  9. Sniperstud

    SOLD - FS: Accuracy International Pre-14 LA AX chassis - SOLD

    I’m selling my barely used pre-14 AX chassis. It fits a long Action Remington 700, and comes with one 300 WM magazine. It also includes the forend rail, and the action rail. This provides a full length top rail with 20 moa built in. It also includes the optional thumbscrews for the comb...
  10. Sundevilnick

    SOLD MPA BA Light Rem 700 LA Folder Chassis

    Up for sale is a awesome MPA BA Light Chassis Folder Rem 700 LA. Bought this Chassis System for my Rem 700 300 Win Mag. Chassis end up just sitting in my safe and looking to sell it to fund other projects. Great option for a chassis system with folder. MPA is top notch. 695.00
  11. R

    FS. KRG Whiskey 3 R700 SA inlet, Black Gen 6

    I have a used KRG Whiskey 3 R700 SA inletted chassis up for sale. Fixed stock. Gen 6 Comes with Night Vision Bridge Spigot Mount Small grip panels Large Grip panel It does have a some small wear marks from PRS matches. Nothing major. Picture below $850 Chassis is SOLD Still have the Spigot...
  12. O

    MasterPiece Arms Unveiling A New Chassis

    On Saturday, MasterPiece Arms is unveiling a new chassis at the Precision Rifle Expo, that they'll also be announcing on the PRE Facebook page. This is the teaser image they just posted.
  13. L

    Manners MCS-TF2A - SOLD

    Manners MCS-TF2A Kimber 8400 Short Action inlet - Adv. Tactical 1, 2, SOC, SRC - badger ERF (NV rail) -Flush cups (left and rear) -Mini Chassis (AI patter mags) -Folding stock -Adj. Cheek riser - molded forest camo I have had this brand new stock for years and never did anything with it. Time...
  14. dbraun89


    I have a brand new (open box) KRG Bravo stock in OD Green, Rem 700 SA and includes the oversized mag release and the butt-hook cover plate plus everything included in box (LOP adjustment plates, etc). Also throwing in a new Magpul AICS mag to sweeten the deal. I’ll post pics when I get home here...
  15. A

    WTS New J. Allen JAE-700 Chassis - price drop

    I hate to sell this but I have to let it go. Selling a brand new, never used, JAE-700 SA chassis in titanium grey/coyote brown. I opened the box for a peek a while ago when I first bought it and just opened it again to add pics so it’s as new as it gets. Price dropped to 1900 shipped CONUS with...
  16. A

    WTS New J. Allen JAE-700 SA Chassis

    I hate to sell this but I have to let it go. Selling a brand new, never used, JAE-700 SA chassis in titanium grey/coyote brown. I opened the box for a peek a while ago when I first bought it and just opened it again to add pics so it’s as new as it gets. Selling for $2000 shipped CONUS with...
  17. MangoSherpa


    SOLD 8/20 Up for sale is a very lightly used MPA BA Lite chassis, burnt bronze, Remmy 700 SA footprint, RH. Never mounted or shot by me. Full disclosure; I am the second owner. Original owner is from the Hide, he had only mounted his action to it and for whatever reason sold it to me for the...
  18. Dman3931

    Tikka CTR or Lite with Chassis

    I was one click away from purchasing my first Tikka in a CTR 6.5CM, when I stopped and wanted to take a poll of the forum, as they are much more knowledgeable than me on the subject. Basically, if you purchase a Tikka Lite 6.5CM and immediately drop it into a chassis, is that better than buying...
  19. O

    Securing buffer tube to Howa HCR chassis

    Hello all, Im new here, and this is my first post. I have a quick question about buffer tube/stock mounting on aluminum chassis rifles. I recently acquired my first precision rifle, a Howa HCR (got a killer deal btw) and i decided to have the chassis cerakoted. Not wanting to shell out the...