1. StealthOwl

    Sold: AICS 300 WM 5-Rd Magazine

    .300 WM AICS 5-round mag - $65 shipped Lightly used mag that I got in a trade but don't need right now. Sold.
  2. Sniperstud

    SOLD - FS: Accuracy International Pre-14 LA AX chassis - SOLD

    I’m selling my barely used pre-14 AX chassis. It fits a long Action Remington 700, and comes with one 300 WM magazine. It also includes the forend rail, and the action rail. This provides a full length top rail with 20 moa built in. It also includes the optional thumbscrews for the comb...
  3. Sniperstud

    FS - Rem 700 .300WM in AICS AX chassis - B/A SOLD

    I’ve decided to sell my Remington 700 .300WM. I bought the rifle as a model 700 Long Range. My intention was to build it into a loose approximation of a Mk 13 Mod 7. I mounted it in a brand new pre-14 AICS AX chassis. I added the AI thumbscrews to the butt, as well as installing an AI 20 MOA...
  4. O

    Securing buffer tube to Howa HCR chassis

    Hello all, Im new here, and this is my first post. I have a quick question about buffer tube/stock mounting on aluminum chassis rifles. I recently acquired my first precision rifle, a Howa HCR (got a killer deal btw) and i decided to have the chassis cerakoted. Not wanting to shell out the...
  5. K

    Where can I find ai .223 mags right now

    Title pretty much says it acquired Aics 2.0 with .308 mag but in need of .223 anybody know who may have them in stock I've checked mile high and euro with no luck Thanks guys
  6. E

    limbsaver for AICS

    Quick question. Doesn't limbsaver have a model that fits the AICS? Or will I have to go with a "grind-to-fit" model?
  7. GBMaryland

    AICS 308 -> 223 Magazine Modification Thread?

    Folks, At some point someone posted a thread for making a 223 mag from a 308 AI AICS magazine. Can anyone find that thread? I've got the pre-change of SH link, but can't find it using a search on the new system. Basically, it appears that no one has 223 mags, but I've got a ton of 308 AICS...
  8. mitch260

    AICS .338 Lapua magazine

    Do these work with Remington ultra mags? and What is the difference between these and the CIP version? Thanks
  9. F

    AICS Classic Mags in AX

    Can you use the AICS Classic Mags in the newer AX Chassis? I've searched everywhere, but can't seem to find anything. If I missed it somewhere obvious, please let me know.
  10. J

    Anyone in Clarkville/ Ft. Campbell Area with AICS?

    Definitely looking at getting a build going some time around November, and I am the type to plan things well in advance. Now, the best of my memory says that I enjoy shooting the AI platform, but it has been a while, and I want to verify that THAT is the choice I wanna go with. Also interested...
  11. I

    Accuracy International 10 Rd Mags

    These guys have AICS chassis mags in stock. I haven't purchased anything from these guys before so I can't vouch, will update when I receive my order. Prices are high, but considering these are sold out everywhere I pulled the trigger. Tom
  12. mhuff

    Leupold Mark 6 3-18x40mm, 34mm Tube, w/ TMR Pics and Review..

    I finally had a chance to take some cell pics of my reticle for anyone who's interested. I will try to review the scope and include it in this thread. If anyone has any questions reguarding the scope just pm me or drop a reply. First Impressions: First impressions of this scope are that...
  13. P

    Ax aics build

    Hey guys im new here and was looking for some feedback. Im looking to build my first long range gun. Looking at the ax aics chassis. Anyone have experiencd with this system. Also what are some good recs fod the rest of ghd gun? I was looking a shilens packages. Looking for the gun to shoot...
  14. mhuff

    Intro, Remmy SPS. 308 build..

    Hey guys! I must say that I have enjoyed reading almost everything this forum has to offer. Being a country boy from TN everyone I know likes hunting but no one I know has any clue about precision shooting, optics, training or equipment. I would like to thank everyone for opinions stated and...
  15. Surgeon_Shooter

    AICS vs MC millan

    Ok fellas im building a .308 surgeon repeater and i have a AICS 1.5 for it to go in when its done.Its a surgeon repeater,21.75" bartlien m24 contour fluted with a 4x16x50 S&B.Any body have any idea what it will weigh? And also what would be lighter an A-4 or 5 vs the AICS? Im trying to keep the...
  16. GunjunkieM24

    My first AICS 1.5

    Here is a pic of my first AICS stock on a PSS rifle specs: Trued 700 action Set barrel back and recut chamber Black AICS 1.5 Badger base and MK 4 rings USO SN3 with EREK Knob and MOA reticle
  17. F

    pictures of AICS without an action in it

    trying to get some pictures of an AICS without the action in it, kinda scared to take mine apart. wondering exactly how the bedding block is made. thanks mike
  18. K

    AICS coated, Phoenix knob, Alum F-pin installed

    I recently did some work on parts to a gentlemans rifle. He had us Cerakote his black AICS skins OD Green so they'd be better for hunting. He had me install a Phoenix bolt knob so he could get extra grip on his bolt when shooting prone or with gloves on. Lastely, he had me install a aluminum...
  19. M

    AICS Accessory Rails

    Does anyone know of a source for the accessory rails that mount on the sides of the AICS forend? Also, does anyone have pictures of these rails mounted?
  20. 4Rail_Gunner

    AICS Mag Modification

    I have a question. Has anyone removed this thick piece of metal in a AICS Mag and Tig Welded the seam and get it smoothed back out. The reason for this is so i can get more room to seat a VLD out Further. Another Idea would be to Remove the Plate, cut it into 1/3rds and weld a piece on each...