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  • 2017 Sniper's Hide Team Challenge in Colville, WA

    Match duration: 2 days, Saturday June 10th, and Sunday June 11th.
    Mandatory check-in and briefing on Friday June 9th...
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  • Official "Thank You" 2013 Sniper's Hide Cup

    2013 Sniper's Hide Cup

    Official "Thank You" Thread to All, Sponsors, Competitors and Match Coordinators

    The 2013 Sniper's Hide Cup is officially in the books and want to thank the following people, this is in no specific order, simply how my brain formulated the thoughts.


    I want to first all, thank all the competitors, you guys were safe, professional and fun to be around all week. The conditions changed from what seemed like hourly at times, the cold, drizzle and wind of Thursday to Sunny 80's with very light winds on Saturday. It was a perfect mix to test your skills under a variety of conditions. The targets were small and not easy to find, still you all stepped up and made it a heck of a match.

    The goal was to have a safe, fun week, and with 126 shooters, 150 targets, not including the pistol stages, we only had a single stage DQ. We all appreciate the care taken with your weapons handling. Bravo.

    Land Owners

    To Darrin & Travis, we sincerely appreciate you allowing us to use your property and shoot up the countryside. Thanks for supporting the match and being part of it. You guys are a ton of fun to be around.

    Range Officers To all the volunteer Range Officers, the match would not be what it is without you. We can plan a match of any size & scope, but if we don't have the Range Officers to help it would never get off the ground. You guys were great. I am glad we were able to raffle a rifle off to you, thanks to Surgeon Rifles for providing a great Rifle that went to a very nice guy. To anyone who is thinking about helping at a match, or not sure of the benefit, let me just say it is worth it. You learn so much by watching, and it's an important job. I was glad to see so many competitors thank the ROs after shooting their stage, it just shows the caliber of shooters we have. Remember in a way this is Sport's Entertainment, it's not only the ROs job to make sure everything runs safe, but to help the competitor have a good...
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