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  1. earthquake

    FS- 6mm Creed brass (Hornady)

    Once-fired, tumbled, deprimed, annealed with AMP Induction Annealer. $0.30/each. This brass was prepped by my 12-yo son. He wanted to earn some money for shooting gear etc, so all the work was done by him under my supervision. He keeps the money earned. He has had two satisfied customers so...
  2. earthquake

    FS: PVA chambered 6-Dasher barrel.

    Shouldered Hawk Hill custom for Bighorn TL3, med-Palma, 26", 8-twist, raw/stainless (no paint), muzzle 5/8-24 threads. Has 1,697 rounds on it. Still a shooter but I switched to a 7-twist this year and don't use or need it any more. 6mm Dasher chambered by Josh of Patriot Valley, so you know it...
  3. earthquake

    The LAST scope you'd ever own?

    I'm looking for a good scope, maybe my last? A do-it-all optic of high quality, durability and usefulness. I'm getting tired of the rat-race and "keeping up with the Joneses" aspect of PR comp/shooting etc. I'm putting together a .308 do-it-all rifle for fun, hunting, night-vision and the...
  4. earthquake


    Traded. Used but not abused. $290 S&I CONUS. PayPal f&f or +3.5% for fees. Original box and manual, lanyard. Can text/pm photos of actual binos if necessary later.
  5. earthquake

    SOLD - MPA Scope Mount

    ++++Sold++++ 1-pc MPA scope mount. $175 shipped CONUS PayPal f&f or add 3.5% for fees. 34mm, 1.25" height, 0-MOA.
  6. earthquake

    Are 1903 S/N's traceable to specific units?

    I inherited two 1903's (not sure which variant) with original barrels etc., but not stocks. I am having them inspected and repaired if necessary to get shooting again. Both are in non-original stocks and we're used at Camp Perry in the 1950's & 1960's. The Smith that specializes in building...
  7. earthquake

    Round count: Switch Barrels?

    Here's an interesting thought/conundrum I just had. I now have 2 TL3 receivers sharing 6 barrels between them in different calibers. I've been using an app to keep track of round count and making separate "profiles" by barrel. But now that I have 2 receivers sharing barrels, I'm wondering how I...
  8. earthquake

    Florida vacation: recommendations

    Taking the family to Clearwater Beach next month. Our first visit to the sunshine state. Ten days. Figuring on hitting the beach of course, but what other gems within a few hours drive shouldn't we miss? Would like to see Gators, maybe manatees, do some kayaking or canoeing, snorkeling...
  9. earthquake

    Attempted murder?

    Katie Arrington, who ousted Rep. Mark Sanford in primary, seriously injured in car crash
  10. earthquake

    FS: 6.5x47L prefit shouldered barrel.

    FS: Keystone Accuracy shouldered prefit button rifled barrel. Fits Savage small shank Bighorn TL3. 6.5x47 Lapua, 1:8-twist, M40 contour, muzzle threaded 5/8-24. Zero (0) rounds on it. Bought it as a barrelled action, just wanted the action and trigger. Brake not included.
  11. earthquake

    SOLD - NF ATACR F1, Mil-C

    SOLD 5-25x Like new, with box and all paperwork. Sunshade, Digillum, Tanebrex caps, ZS, capped wind, throw lever etc. $2,425 S&I. (CONUS) One tiny scratch on top of bell, no effect on scope whatsoever. Can text pictures later. Only trades are S&B PMII 5-25x, H2CMR. PayPal F&F (or +3.5%) or...
  12. earthquake


    Helping an old Army sniper Vet get into reloading his .300RUM and making hits at 1-mile. I have Berger's reloading manual, so we need help with powder and bullet. Manuals are very conservative as we all know, but what are folks finding success with, so we can work towards it? TIA
  13. earthquake

    What do I have?

    Needing resources to figure out what rifle I inherited. Octagonal or Hexagonal (?) barrelled Winchester Repeating Arms Co. falling-block .22LR with flip-up rear peep sight. Single feed too. I'll try and post pictures later. Thanks.
  14. earthquake

    Freedom stuff

    My God...just, I weep for our future.
  15. earthquake

    Pro 2A but Anti-NRA?

    I'm am seeing a growing trend in a lot of anti-NRA sentiment from both sides of the gun debate. Maybe I'm late to the party, but I've been a member for many years, and I'm starting to have my doubts after reading more of their reasons in-depth....they bring up a lot of good points about NRA...
  16. earthquake

    SOLD - Forster Utra Micro Seater: 6 Dasher

    SOLD - Forster Ultra Micrometer seater die for 6mm Dasher. $65 shipped CONUS. PayPal.
  17. earthquake

    SOLD - MDT LSS chassis for Ruger American

    SOLD. MDT LSS for Ruger American rifles. Brand New Magpul moe and moe-slk stocks, full length Picatinney rail on forearm. FDE color. Pm your number for picts.
  18. earthquake

    FS: Dandy Powder Trickler

    Barely used Dandy Products powder trickler. $60 shipped CONUS. PayPal or MO. I can text pictures if necessary.
  19. earthquake


    Second Focal plane, Mil-R, ATACR, 5-25x, digillum, capped windage etc etc. BNIB never mounted. $1,950 S&I CONUS. PayPal preferred or will accept MO, ships after it clears. No trades. Can text picts, but it looks like any unmounted brand new ATACR.
  20. earthquake


    This one: Comes with case handle and a 6mm mandrel. I used it on 1 piece of brass and decided it's not for me. My loss, your gain. $125 shipped...
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