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    Kasich rolls over on guns

    What if they simply reclassify semiautomatics as per the NFA requiring a 10,000$ tax stamp and a trust for ownership? I am going to be sick.
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    Kasich rolls over on guns

    Since he was a Congressman he has moved so far left...he reminds me of the present socialist pope, but Kasich wants to be a saint, I don't think the pope cares to be one.
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    "Boys are broken"

    Part of the problem is the new trend of Parenting BY media and immature perspectives are toxic.
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    San Ramon high schol students ban racially offense National Anthem

    Let them George Tango Fox-Trot Oscar....
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    Adam Schiff, You Big, Big Dummy ...

    That make's him Full of Schiff! (Lee Zelden R Cong. NY..for now)
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    A series that was only 2 seasons but worth a watch,,, Revolution

    Miss that one...kinda thought provoking end of the world as we know it stuff.
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    DNC is flat broke

    Yes, but they are rich in HATE
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    $220 Toaster..... What do I need to know

    U need to know that it is absurd!
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    Zoom vs. Focus

    Have a Zeiss with coarse and fine adjustment ; must fine adjust with each movement of the zoom component.
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    Trey Gowdy Leaving Congress

    AG...maybe some secret plan???
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    X-Files Season 11

    Excellent story line..Still a big fan of Mulder and Scully Ultimate science fiction writing..what is truth?!
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    Blade Runner 2049

    Kind of tedious, but if I concentrated, it did give me cause to think..the writing and plot were better than the presentation.
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    Flood gates getting opened turning the USA into California

    As a health care industry specialist I can attest to the financial cost of the illegals who show up in the ER right off the plane/boat, or whatever with complex problems that cost the taxpayer many hundred thousands of medicaid dollars per case to fix., and chain migration where they bring in...
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    Secret Society

    Like Star Chamber.... If the NSA has the texts..can they admit it, release them, without being in trouble for domestic spying? Looks bad.
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    New Site, Give me a Minute

    Lightning fast and can open long threads instantly.So pleased.
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    Amazon Prime

    Check out The Last Post 1965 Aden MP story fighting the NLF for Arab Independence...we haven't learned a damn thing....
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    Millenial Snow Flake Job Interview
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    Seb Rest-Original Not NEO

    Original Joy Stick SEB Rest (not neo) Range Bench use only. Condition Excellent $400 + Shipping (est $95) Cert or Bank Check, MO, Pay Pal PM ME or
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    Good Flix on Net Flix

    Wind River... Western motif lost Native American Girl and revenge epic Unlocked..CIA double cross drama
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    Found on Netflix..About the city of Rome that eternally fight for $ and power..Mafia v. Gypsy /Roma v. Vatican v. Politicians all equally venal violent and corrupt. Maybe like Dallas in Italian? Italian with English Subtitles..Great cinematography of the Eternal City too.