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    Hornady .30 155gr ELD-M vs 168gr ELD-M

    Nosler Custom Competition 155 bullets are very cheap and have always shot well for me, also Lapua scenar but the elds are much cheaper and shoot just as well if not better. I've shot all three over the same load data with similar accuracy results. I'm loading to 2.815 in front of 43.5 of AR-comp...
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    Hornady .30 155gr ELD-M vs 168gr ELD-M

    In my testing (Ohio) with temp swings it's definitely more stable than varget. I've had the lowest SD numbers of any powder with AR-comp. The kernels are smaller than varget as well so it meters better in powder measures
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    Glades armory read me

    I have had a similarly bad experience with glades armory. I ordered a stainless knurled bolt handle from them about 3 months ago for a savage. It took two weeks arrive (ebay guaranteed 3 day shipping) no response from glades when inquired about it. When i finally received it the machining was...
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    Hornady .30 155gr ELD-M vs 168gr ELD-M

    More stable than varget and reloader15. Actually the most temp stable powder I've ever tried
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    Hornady .30 155gr ELD-M vs 168gr ELD-M

    I've shot 155eld-m over ar-comp with stellar results, great accuracy And good speed, very consistent.
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    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 F1 C570

    for sale or trade is a nearly new ATACR 7-35 F1 Mil-R model number C570. had it for about a month and decided to go another route. never fired, includes box and all accessories. looking for a quality 5-25ish scope plus cash or $3150. contact me at or 567-868-5753 for...
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    SOLD Mcree Chassis Savage Short Action f/s PRICE DROP SOLD

    for sale is an excellent condition Mcree precision chassis with their mcree adjustable buttstock, Savage short action inlet, 4.27 screw spacing, OD green in color. Asking $350 shipped to your door. call, text, or email questions or inquires to or 567-868-5753 thanks SOLD
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    USO vs Nightforce

    Hello all, I'm looking at getting into either a Us optics B25 or er25 or Nightforce Atacr 5-25 f1 for a new build. I already have a Nightforce Atacr 7-35 on another rig and like it well enough. New scope would be used for prs and steel matches and the occasional f class. How do the scopes stack...