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  1. Mike Casselton

    I Know That Amazon Prime Is From Teh Debbil, But ...

    Bought new headlights for my F-250 and for my step daughter's car last week. Installed mine yesterday and they look great. Next pair will be Thursday in the middle of the day to teach her appreciation for those that work in the heat and cold. She's not gonna like it with her long yellow...
  2. Mike Casselton

    Mods, Please Delete

    That's reserved for the sub forums that aren't titled The Bear Pit and Maggie's Drawers. I read them daily and usually end up here because it's more fun and way cheaper than hanging out in the PX.:D
  3. Mike Casselton

    Favorite restaurant?

    How about the Seaman's club on Diego Garcia? The menu items suck, but they do a crazy good job of cooking the fresh fish you bring to them. It's a great way to get together with a big party on the island.
  4. Mike Casselton

    Best Vehicle for Precision Rifle Guys?

    Sorry in advance for the slight derail. Geno, Were you hunting west river? What unit? I lived in SD for 12 years and I'm not familiar with ROW and what it means. Most of the game and fish guys are very helpful and will not only point you in the right direction. Some will even make calls for...
  5. Mike Casselton

    Who needs two ARs?

    "Was shot multiple times in the face and arm". I read that as he was hit twice, once in the arm and one in the face. Media definition: multiple times. The police dept will probably get sued for pursuing him, leading to injury or some stupid shit like that. I'm guessing the cop had two...
  6. Mike Casselton

    So What's The Down Side?

    Damn skippy that'll learn em. You take that gun and show em old guys can still shoot. I got a couple of old things that still work like they did when new. Circa 1995-96. The 223 is a frickin hammer. A buddy of mine back in Idaho called it Black Death. Killed tons of vermin and coyotes...
  7. Mike Casselton

    We'd Like To Ask For Spare Reloading Gear

    I know a guy down south of here that does wraps. We could pimp that mother out!!
  8. Mike Casselton

    So What's The Down Side?

    Larry, those screws are 1/4×28 and 10x32. The hardware store should have them in socket head cap screws. Bring yours with you and buy new ones there. The last one I had to modify was on a 17 Remington and it was binding the bolt like in your case. Thread a nut on that bolt and take a grinder...
  9. Mike Casselton

    The "Nom Nom Nom" Thread

    Aren't they hard to keep lit? Sorry, an old joke my dad used to make.:p:p:p:p
  10. Mike Casselton

    Anyone a motorcycle troubleshooting guru?

    Pull the carb, remove the idle jet and make sure the passage though the carb is clear. Small monofilament line or wire should clear the blockage that's probably there.
  11. Mike Casselton

    The "Nom Nom Nom" Thread

    Lawd have mercy. The night much for raspberries, but that razzleberry on top looks like the bomb.
  12. Mike Casselton

    ammo storage cabinet ideas.

    Hon office supply cabinets are strong and inexpensive when bought used. I have two in my garage. One 72"×30" for chemical storage. 3 shelves plus the bottom. $20 through craigslist. The other is 72"×36" for ammo. 5 shelves plus bottom. $100 IIRC. I still need to paint the smaller one so it...
  13. Mike Casselton

    Lets call the Cops for information

    Get in touch with the folks building JTAC ranch here in florida. They have approval to open but no set date to do so. They are like a year behind. I wonder what's causing the delay
  14. Mike Casselton

    What's Your View II

    Dirty MAF was my first thought, but damaged could do the same. Clean it really well, make sure it's completely dry and see what happens. Check to see if any your connections between the maf and the intake are incorrectly installed causing it to suck in more air. While you have things apart...
  15. Mike Casselton

    What's Your View II

    Geno, Why didn't you just have that R2 unit on the left monitor and repair everything for you? :p:p:p
  16. Mike Casselton

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    I'm looking at it via the router at home
  17. Mike Casselton

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    This is what I'm seeing. Samsung galaxy s7 using chrome.
  18. Mike Casselton

    Caption this photo

    Trump looks like he crop dusted everyone. The woman in red looks like she's shitting her knickers.
  19. Mike Casselton

    Cable News = No News

    I heard he's more the commando type.
  20. Mike Casselton

    We'd Like To Ask For Spare Reloading Gear

    I'm thinking a nice 4" thick vertical slice from an oak tree or two would make for a bad assed top.
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