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    Beginning of the end of .308? It's going to be interesting to see what the Army comes up with, anyone have any info on that?
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    Game changer?

    Russia's got a nuclear-powered cruise missile. Does anyone have any knowledge or insight into this weapon? We tested the idea in the 60's, project Pluto, some scary shit.
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    AI Bolt manipulation

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready for my second PRS match, I've identified some of the mistakes I made in the first match and have worked them out but, one of the things I'm trying to do is, disturb the rifle less with bolt manipulation and with a slower (smoother) manipulation of the bolt on my AIAX...
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    Federals shady ballistics

    I've been watching the coverage of the new .224 Valkyrie. I was curious so I ran the numbers on Applied Ballistics and Ballistics AE which gave me the same numbers, numbers that aren't nearly as flattering as those Federal has put out that we see parroted all over the internet. From Federal's...
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    Ammo performance VS barrell performance

    I know any two examples of a particular barrel, either factory or custom, will vary as far a muzzle velocity goes for the same load. Will Standard Deviation (SD) and Extream Spread (ES) vary as well among two examples of the same barrel? What's got me thinking about this is, a buddy and I were...
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    Sold...Once fired Hornady 6.5CM Brass

    Once Fired Hornady 6.5CM Brass. 30 cents each-minimum 100 per shipment-free shipping. 1480 pieces available.
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    LaRue kits

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what the consensus is on the LaRue Ultimate upper kits. Looks like I could do one in 6.5CM for around $1500. Their complete rifles are $3K+ so it looks like a killer deal. How do these compare to GAP or JP? Thank you!
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    Help with for sale post

    Hello, I've got full member status and have posted in the for sale before but, I posted an ad last night and it shows up when I look at my Recent Post in my profile but not in the Firearms -buy- sell - trade section. If I click on it under my recent post it takes me to that section and displays...
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    This was my first 1911 and what a great gun, very accurate and easy to shoot. I hate to let it go but I've got to fund some purchases to support my precision rifle addiction.:D The pistol has approximately 300 rounds through it and is in excellent condition. MSRP is $1244, Buds has this pistol...
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    RRS leveling base squeaking, sticking.

    Hey guys, I just installed an RRS leveling base on my RRS tripod. Previously, I was using the BH-40 ball head and it worked great but I wanted to try the leveling base for added stability. I assume there is something wrong with the piece I received as I haven't even had it out of the house yet...
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    SOLD Nightforce rings and top half with level and ADI mount

    These have been used on a rifle for 800 rounds. Excellent shape, the only marking is some shine on the inside of the rings. Shipping included $175 for the ring set $95 for the top half $250 for both
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    Question about my first PRS match

    Hey guys, On the 16th, I'm shooting in the South Eastern Shooters Challange at K&M. I think I've got the gear together but I'm wondering about how many magazines I'll need to have with me (I'm using 10 round mags in my rifle). Also, any advice on mag pouches? These from Tab gear look like...
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    Thinking about buying from SOE Gear?

    I just had the displeasure of dealing with the owner of SOE gear, I'm not going into details, I just suggest anyone considering dealing with them to do their due diligence.
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    Garmin Foretrex 701

    I got a chance to use my Foretex 701 this week, what an awesome piece of equipment. I started with phone app's then a Kestral 5700 and the Fortex is by far the best option in my opinion. The menus are logical and the input scheme is well thought out, unlike the Kestral which is an antiquated...
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    StealthOwl is an excellent buyer, quick payment, great communication. Thanks, Mike!

    StealthOwl is an excellent buyer, quick payment, great communication. Thanks, Mike!
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    SOLD Timney trigger for Ruger Precision Rifle...Price drop!...$125

    Timney trigger for Ruger Precision Rifle. Two-stage, 8 oz first/ 16 oz second, brand new never opened. $125 shipped.
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    SOLD...RRS BH-40LR Ball head Price drop! Pictures added

    Excellent condition. Everything that came in the box included, including the box. $330 shipped.
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    Garmin Foretrex 701 question

    I've re-checked everything and it's showing .1 mil elevation at 100 yards with zero set at 100 yards. Compared to my Kestral, the .1 mil discrepancy carries throughout distance. Any thoughts?
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    RRS tripod selection

    Hello all, I’m going to be purchasing a RRS set up, I’m trying to decide between the TVC-33 and the TVC-34L. I’m 6’4” tall so the extra height of the -34L is appealing but the -33 with a 58” maximum height will work when I add the ballhead and rifle. The -34L would provide additional...
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    SOLD>>>>RPR 6.5CM with LRI barrel

    RPR in 6.5CM with 809 rounds through a LRI barrel. This rifle is very accurate. I've bought a AIAX and I'm looking to fund a RRS tripod setup, I'm open for trades on RRS legs, leveling base or ball head or possibly a spotting scope. Looking for $750 for the rifle, $250 for the Atlas bipod.
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