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  1. Mike Casselton

    Nice Kimber govt 22

    Found this from my favorite gun store. Not sure if the price is right or not but someone will grab it I'm sure.
  2. Mike Casselton

    Frickin awesome boat for sale ad.

    Grab a paper bag, breathe into it and calm your ass down. You're hyperventilating because you ain't never seen a deal like this before. Nowcollect yourself, then keepreading this incredibledescription that barely serves to do justice to my 12 foot Alumacraft fishing boat. Yes, a 12 footer. Also...
  3. Mike Casselton

    WTF? Is this the new ambidextrous safety lever?

    Or is it a case of ambi-dumbass assembly?
  4. Mike Casselton

    Just in case you have an extra 30k lying around

    My favorite gun store has this little gem on hand.
  5. Mike Casselton

    So my wife says...

    I cooked a huge breakfast this morning for everyone. Rebecca was kind enough to do the cleanup chores. I was sitting at the island finishing my coffee and reading the Hide while she was wiping out a tray that we cooked the bacon in. We were talking about how the bacon fat would make her hands...
  6. Mike Casselton

    Another fantastic optic found on CL

    Says he's selling for half of retail. Check out the serial number...
  7. Mike Casselton

    I said I wouldn't take her shooting again

    Shot a few rounds out of my CZ 17 Hornet, then turned it over to Rebecca. As usual, she showed me up again. Two 3 round groups at 100 that a dime covers.
  8. Mike Casselton

    Question of the day. (Involves math)

    Every time I go to a restaurant I see these coffee creamers. It says they're half and half. If you put two of them in your coffee, does that make it whole milk?
  9. Mike Casselton

    My daughter sent me the new map of Tampa Bay

    It's pretty darn accurate
  10. Mike Casselton

    I'm not taking Rebecca shooting again

    Got set up to shoot 300 yards this afternoon. She sent a few down range with her 300 BO. When it was my turn, I broke out my old 6BR and shot a few. The wind and mirage were kinda shitty and it showed on my target. I asked Rebecca if she wanted to have a go at it and this is what she did. If...
  11. Mike Casselton

    Disney buys Fox

    52.4 Billion dollars. The deal doesn't include Fox news
  12. Mike Casselton

    Helped introduce this guy to shooting back in 2001

    Leonard was one of my new Airmen (And a damn good one I might add) when I returned to the states after Korea. My buddy Brad and I took him shooting one day.... Well, that's all she wrote.
  13. Mike Casselton

    Polk County supports racism

    Cultural diversity? That's what they are calling it. Here's the gist. The Polk County fire dept wants more diversity in their ranks. They are willing to accept your application, as long as you aren't white They will pay for your schooling, as long as you aren't white. They will pay for your...
  14. Mike Casselton

    The invitation Frank has been waiting for
  15. Mike Casselton

    Found another kick ass optic

    This one says it's US made and part of a military contract overrun. Check out the reticle on it.... Sure brings back some memories of 8 or more years ago.
  16. Mike Casselton

    I think I need a new boat It's like MX sidehack racing on water. I hear they are getting about 50hp out of those 30 Yamaha 2 strokes. And daaaayum, they have a hole shot
  17. Mike Casselton

    Interesting Craigslist find this morning (optics)

    Thought some might find interest in this. Might be cool on some cannon or something....
  18. Mike Casselton

    UPDATE: Price check on a DPMS 308 needed

    Might have a trade thing going on with this. Anyone have an idea on what it's worth. Owner says he's put about 100 rounds through it. Thanks fellas
  19. Mike Casselton

    Brownells has Hornady 6.5 Grendel for $17.99 box

    Snagged 5 boxes for a soon to be given Christmas present. Ordered the 13yr old a CZ 527 in the Grendel. Should be here by Friday. Waiting until Christmas is gonna suck!! Brownells has a few different codes that will save money. MCC is free shipping Here's the link...
  20. Mike Casselton

    See through supressor with high speed slow motion
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