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  1. CharlieNC


    For sale is a lightly used Manners T4A stock. The Mini-Chassis includes the aluminum bedding block which is affixed to the Badger bottom metal. Two flush cups and a Harris style bipod mount are also standard. I rate the condition 9 out of 10, with no obvious blemishes. Weighs 5.05lbs. Inlet for...
  2. CharlieNC

    Magazine Adjustment

    I have a Stiller action and 6.5x47 which is very smooth when loading manually. Running the AI mags is very rough, especially when first starting the feeding. More bullets in the mag causes more mag spring force and much more bolt force required to initiate feeding. I've opened the mag lips and...
  3. CharlieNC

    Spin Drift Data

    My app shows .2 to .3 mil spin drift at 1000yd, and for smaller targets this is significant. Has anyone seen actual sd data reported, ie in a wind free tunnel, or is the calculation more theoretical. Many will argue sd is insignificant and can be ignored, but informed shooters just need to know...
  4. CharlieNC

    Optics Help

    In a few weeks I will participate in my second match, which is 300 yds again. Did ok the first time (581) using my Weaver 4-20 x 50 on the Savage 223; assessing areas for improvement I had issues resolving the x ring as the day progressed. Had a booster lens attached to get around 25X, and I...
  5. CharlieNC

    Finally Did It

    At nearly 65 yrs old I finally shot my first match ever! Started playing with rifles about 3 years ago and became interested in F-class since it relates more to my hunting interests, and prone is just more fun than bench to me. Yesterday shot my 223 in F/TR at Catawba 300 yd match. Shot 194/6X +...
  6. CharlieNC

    Bipod Mount Preference

    I've been working on a bipod design for over a year, aimed at providing fine-tuning adjustment capability at a more affordable price than currently available. Main question now is determining the most preferred mounting block to the rifle. I currently use Anschutz t-rail slot, and can do that...
  7. CharlieNC

    Small Ogive Comparator Don't Work

    Got my 6.5x47 a few months ago, but didn't have a .26 fixture for the Hornady comparator. The kit came with a .25 insert so I started using it to measure jamb length, and subsequently seating depth for the loads. Well the first batch of 200 shot great, but the second set using the same ogive...
  8. CharlieNC

    Pressure Sensitivity?

    What factors contribute to some rifles being able to run higher pressure loads than others before getting into bolt sticking, extraction, etc problems. Could you build to overcome this?
  9. CharlieNC

    Best under $1000

    I'm a bolt guy, don't know the semi's at all. I see major price drops and ready to get a basic unit for plinking and home defense. Buds Guns have many for under $1000. Looking for your suggestions for a good brand-model in this bracket.
  10. CharlieNC

    Almost Feels Like Cheating

    Yesterday I was finally able to stretch the 6.5 X 47 out to longer range with Dan Newberry at I have only shot 1000 yards a couple of times before with the 308, and the new rifle shocked me. Conditions were ideal with no mirage and fairly consistent light wind, and I was able to...
  11. CharlieNC

    PowerPro 1200R

    Alliant only lists 223 loads for light bullets with 1200R. They said it is similar burn rate to RL 10X. Anybody tried this with 69/70gr bullets and have a starting load? I love the 2000MR for heavier cals, and want to see if it's brother works in the 223.
  12. CharlieNC

    Major Velocity Uniformity Difference With Powder in 223

    Started shooting 223 in Savage 1 1/2 years ago, and could achieve 1/3 MOA at my 200 yard range using 69SMK and Varget. I was so impressed I ordered a Brux barrel replacement (22" 1:8 twist) to hopefully achieve this more consistently, plus have a nice barrel to last the rest of my life (I'm not...
  13. CharlieNC

    Case Study Of Optimum Barrel Time For 308

    Valuable load development approaches such as the Audette ladder test and Dan's OCW are based on finding the powder charge range which yields a minimal effect on the vertical point of impact (POI) as the charge is varied; these are the so called "nodes". While the merit of these methods is clear...
  14. CharlieNC

    Long Range Ballistic Behavior: Part 1 - Maximum Supersonic Range

    As shooters we are always seeking to maximize long range performance, whether it be during the selection of the "best" caliber, bullet weight, BC, tweaking out the highest velocity, etc. I decided to take a high-level view of the options to gain a better perspective of the relative importance of...
  15. CharlieNC

    My First Custom Rig!

    I have been "building" Savage rifles for a few years, with decent results. Recently I got the bug to treat myself to my first custom rig and read the Hide Classifieds for a few days. A custom 6.5x47 by Tooter at Meredith Rifles in Athens, Ala caught my eye so I made a trip down there to check it...
  16. CharlieNC

    Alliant 2000MR Quick Load

    Has anyone determined which powder in the QL database gives the best estimate for 2000MR? Looking at burn rate charts I see a number of inconsistent reports. Best I can tell maybe H380 or N140??? Just got a new 6.5x47 and it looks like this could be a good fit vs H4350, which I can't find...
  17. CharlieNC

    Need Magazine Help

    Just got a new stock with beautiful CDI bottom metal, but cannot find Accuracy International 223 mag. If anyone can point me to a source to purchase (all the ones I checked are out) or if you have one to sell, I would appreciate greatly. Thanks..........Charlie
  18. CharlieNC

    Custom Bipod Features

    I currently use a Harris bipod, and a machinist friend has offered to build me a custom bipod. After looking over many of the high-end bipods, I see there are a number of features to consider. Please offer your advise on both a key feature to incorporate and to avoid. For starters, my thoughts...
  19. CharlieNC

    Scope Upgrade

    For longer range I have a Savage 308 with Bushnell 6-24 Tactical Elite that shoots well to 1000 yd; so this is my optical basis. Recently got a Savage 223 that shoots <0.5MOA at 100 yards with 69gr SMK which should be fine out to 600yd. I want to start shooting Fclass matches in the area, which...
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