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  1. CharlieNC

    The Value of Dry Fire

    A little different dry fire routine to try. Setup in a place where there is nothing to aim at except a blank wall. Why? You will focus totally on the minute details of body positioning, cheek weld fit, length of pull, scope alignment, etc. Due to a period of lengthy rain I did this before my...
  2. CharlieNC

    G1/G7 Discrepancy

    If you look at a wide array of bullet diameters and weights there is a perfect correlation between G1 and G7 values, so they both portray identical information. The difference in the ballistic calculations lies in the drag curves which the BC references.
  3. CharlieNC

    Low ES AND SD but still bad groups ?

    Unless you're entering a contest for ES and SD, forget the chrono and use the target to define the node. Barrel harmonics and the associated compensation define the node. After that is done then use the chrono for characterization and improvements to loading technique.
  4. CharlieNC

    SWFA 10x42; 12x42; 16x42 & similar priced optics

    I have the SS in 12X, decent scope without any problems for the three years I've owned it. About two years ago I acquired the Argos BTR 6-24 FFP which I normally shoot on 15X, and steel at 1000yd is more clear than the SS; I'm not talking about the snob-type image version where you can read...
  5. CharlieNC

    What's best for me ?

    All phones I know of have a built in barometric pressure probe. Ballistic apps can reference this for accurate BP, you only need to provide temperature.
  6. CharlieNC

    Node question

    Google Chris Long Optimal Barrel Time, and Audette Ladder Test. They fit in with the OCW method noted above. Also Varmint Al has a detailed discussion about harmonics, and how tuners work in conjunction.
  7. CharlieNC

    Please school me on QUICK wind reading (match skillz)

    Same method I've used a few years. This works for all my rounds and the only thing you need to remember is the wind speed per 0.1mil; 5mph for my 223 and mph for 6.5x47.
  8. CharlieNC

    Full length sizing

    When the handle on your press is in the down position, how long do you hold it there? Variable time = variable bump. Measure a few brass with increasing dwell time, and by running the same brass a few times through the die while its in the shell holder. One of these will provide more consistent...
  9. CharlieNC

    A Brand New shooter: What should I be using for trajectory?

    I have used a few, and out to 1000yd the results are virtually the same. I will suggest Strelok Pro for several reasons. It has a decent instruction, faq section. The built in data base includes the details for loaded ammo as well as bullets, so use this as a starting point for velocity and then...
  10. CharlieNC

    Thoughts on poss. selling Vortex Gen 2 4.5-27 for Cronus BTR 4.5-29 & XLR Element chassis

    You can invest as much as you want in a scope. I shot comps with a kid who often won, and he used a $150 Bushnell Elite 10X past 1000yd. He has subsequently upgraded but doesn't shoot any better. These days there are many scopes that will achieve your needs quite well, while the debates over...
  11. CharlieNC

    How accurate is your rifle at 100 yards

    I shoot Ftr which requires an attached bipod. F Open is off an unlimited rest. All prone. Doesn't matter, very few 20 shot 0.5moa records regardless of class or equipment. My point was 0.5moa all day long claims are meaningless, have no definition, and are generally BS or the record books would...
  12. CharlieNC

    How accurate is your rifle at 100 yards

    I don't think that matters much to those who claim 0.5moa all day long. But the options are wide open since there are very few 20 shot Xring (0.5moa) records.
  13. CharlieNC

    How accurate is your rifle at 100 yards

    Those who can shoot 0.5moa all day long should shoot some Fclass matches and set new records for the world to chase.
  14. CharlieNC

    Magnetospeed vs Calculated MV

    I know you're concerned about a consistent 1moa bias. In general I'm amazed the ballistics work as well as they do using a bc to represent a specific bullet vs a different projectile from which the calcs were trued. Being able to true within an app after a few range sessions and subsequently...
  15. CharlieNC

    What stock should I use?

    I have used both a Manners T4A and a custom stock on my Ftr. Now it wears a Choate Tac stock which has a full length aluminum bedding block (into the forend for bipod support). With extra spacers for length, and the tall cheek rest, it fits me perfectly as do the other two I use. I am sticking...
  16. CharlieNC


    For sale is a lightly used Manners T4A stock. The Mini-Chassis includes the aluminum bedding block which is affixed to the Badger bottom metal. Two flush cups and a Harris style bipod mount are also standard. I rate the condition 9 out of 10, with no obvious blemishes. Weighs 5.05lbs. Inlet for...
  17. CharlieNC

    What mentality should a hunter bring to F-Class?

    Two areas F class will help vs just shooting. One is the target rings are small with the Xring being 1/2 moa: teaches you aim small-shoot small. Secondly marking every shot increases your learning experience when it comes to figuring out the wind, what went wrong or right with a shot, etc...
  18. CharlieNC

    Do you shoot your .223?

    Using 75 Amax bullets mine shoots as well out to 800yd as my 6.5, and the elevation dope is virtually the same. Going out further the 6.5 leaps ahead in the windage category. Because I practice so much with the 223 I can shoot it much better, and I must force myself to shoot the 6.5 more. Its...
  19. CharlieNC

    Rear bag for long range, prone or bench

    Doesn't sound like you need rapid adjustability. Take a look at a Protektor bunny ear leather bag for stability.
  20. CharlieNC

    Red Loctite for base screws?

    Xander I don't think the exact models matter that much, except to say this has never happened on the numerous other rifles I have. No indication of an issue when torquing the cleaned screws in cleaned holes (yes I'm slightly anal). Point is occasionally shit happens in many regards, and...
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