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    Goliath . season 2

    Just finished it....really fine work
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    It's IG report day...Boom or Bust?

    A report of the state , by the state, and for the state!
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    Dr. Nicks surgury center- do Doctors need Body Cams?

    Just read she was operating beyond her specialty training, had several med mal settlements up to a million$$, and they pulled her license.
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    Death Wish w/ Bruce Willis

    Not up to the originals..but not bad
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    Found on Net Flix..spy v. spy, No Korea v. So Korea, with hops to Shanghai, Akita Japan, and Seoul K, in English, Japanese, Korean..lots of action and girls so cute you will cry....Season One...and to be continued
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    On my list!
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    "I wish they made a ______?"

    Level IIIA armor which puts our some electrical field that repels all incoming ordinance, and diverts it from my vitals????
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    Anthony Bourdain offs himself

    History of drugs Virulent anti-Trumper Had a girlfriend much younger than he, who was the Italian actress allegedly assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, and part of the Mee Too movement, whom he financially supported, with whom he was emotionally smitten -----BUT who was photographed all over Europe...
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    Fauda means Chaos
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    How is 7-2 a "narrow" decision?

    The libs need not worry,soon enough some LIB will set up/entrap another religiously committed christian for some perceived slight and they will be back in court again.
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    Beanland masterpiece

    Beanland Custom built me a 223 Ackley on a Macmillan Stock, TL3 action and Match grade barrel 8 Tw It shoots .125 MOA and not rarely 0.015" groups at 100 yds..Very nice guy with whom to deal, and makes every effort to make the customer happy. Build time and turnover is quick too.
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    Saw 2 seasons of th is on NFlix. Israeli production and imbeded agent counterterrorism scenario. Good acting, different culture scenery, excellent action, but no winners in this world of spy v. spy...give it a shot. Only downside is sub titles for Hebrew and Arabic...
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    Just another Active school shooter

    Unless I missed it...PANDA S (yndrome)
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    Anyone Read A Good NON-Fiction Book Lately?

    Never Ever trust the Chinese...great book ..they will bury us???
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    Westworld Season2

    Films/Series interest/quality (IMHO) are generally inversely proportional to the formal reviews by the "experts." I only watched 2 episodes first season..I was right --critics wrong
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    Recommend books

    China-Hundred year Marathon...some scary future for us...
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    Shingles - Who's gotten vaccinated?

    I had it several years ago --the original vaccine...had myalgias for 3 days and low grade fever..but glad I did it
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    Utah Girl Harassed by SJWs for Wearing Chinese Prom Dress

    soo now I have to give up Chinese food and Pizza? Saw this young girl interviewed in TV...very gracious nice girl..truly a shame what the PC -SJW"s will do.
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    Regular Smokers

    Gotta share a cigaret termination story In college my Histology professor asked a student how many courses he was taking. He said 6 lab courses Prof said that that was too many, and real willpower was needed to do that amount of work.. the prof continued his rant about how young people (this was...
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    This Job IS Not For ME

    Wife: "So, what did you do today - ??" Husband: "I changed a light bulb" Wife: "That's all - ??" Husband: "Yea, but I filmed it."
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