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  1. deersniper

    The Chinese killed Joe Diffie!

    Died of the virus. Was a little thick but only 61. Says no underlying conditions
  2. deersniper

    Wanted: .30 carbine AR upper

    I hear Olympic and couple others made them. Lmk what you have
  3. deersniper

    WTS/WTT Leupold Mk5 3.6-18 T3,

    Leupold Mk5 3.6-18 with tremor 3 reticle in Spuhr Mount. With boxes $1950. 1875 without top rail. Excellent condition SOLDSOLDS&B Schimdt and Bender PMII 5-25x56 with P4FL reticle. With box Excellent condition but light ring marks. Mils. Ffp. $2300SOLD SOLD l Trades: NF f1 atacr mil xt...
  4. deersniper

    Blem Lancers $13!
  5. deersniper

    Kahles V Minox V NF

    How do the Minox and Kahles stack up to NF ATACR or NX8? Thanks Durability, repeatability and glass are my priorities ,
  6. deersniper

    These shut downs are BS

    Like 9/11 the “cure” is worse than the disease.
  7. deersniper

    Wanted: DTA 338 bolt

    Looking to buy a 338 bolt. Let me know what you have
  8. deersniper

    WTT: Moa NF ATACRS for mil NX8s or ATACRS

    Have the following to trade: 4-16x42 F1 MOAR ATACR $2000 5-25 F1 MOAR ATACR $2300 Looking for Same in mil Or Mil Nx8 4-32 or possibly 2,5-20 4-16 is on FDE AIAX on right 5-25 is on black Ruger RPR in middle Will get better pics eventually
  9. deersniper

    Trump 2020

    What are his chances with all this overblown BS going on ?
  10. deersniper

    USPS money orders

    Is there a way to be scammed accepting these for payment ? Thanks
  11. deersniper

    2020 varmints

    Let’s see em Groundhogs are finally out all over the place 18” 6.5CM, 140 AG, maybe 150 yards
  12. deersniper

    Old People. Everywhere

    While the whole economy is getting screwed to save the old people, where are they? All over the roads, quick marts, groups of them sitting outside a cigar shop together etc. f them. If anyone should be subject to a restrictive quarantine it should be them. But nope the damn kids get to pay...
  13. deersniper

    Wanted: 300 Norma ammo plus Desert Tech bolt

    Let me know what you have thanks
  14. deersniper

    N95 masks?

    How much are these things selling for ? Found a bunch in my worker safety stash
  15. deersniper

    Budget 30 cal can?

    Sdn6 ? Yhm resonator? Employee looking for a 30 cal can for a 223 AR and possibly larger bolt actions in the future. Suggestions? Thanks.
  16. deersniper

    Wanted : 300 PRC

    Looking for a 300 prc hunting or cross over rig Let me know what you have thanks
  17. deersniper

    WTB/WTT Desert Tech 6.5cm bolt for Norma bolt

    Looking to buy or trade for a bolt or bolt head for a 300 Norma. For a desert tech. Have same in 6.5 cm to trade if desired
  18. deersniper

    1 mil = ? At ten yards?

    How many cm or inches is a mil at ten yards? Just switched to mil from moa. I know it’s a dumb question. Trying to determine the distance between dots in a thermal reticle because apparently no one at L3 wants to tell me or get off their butt and find someone that does know. Thanks.
  19. deersniper

    WTT: my NF 6 screw 34mm 1.375 for your 1.5”

    Have set of 6 screw Nightforce 34mm 1.375” rings. Looking to trade for or buy 1.5”. Looking for a top rail RAP raptor mount also
  20. deersniper

    Too much doom and gloom threads

    Here’s a funny video to lift your spirits