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    WTB: TBAC 1/2-28 CB flash hider

    Looking for 1/2-28 CB flash hider.....
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    West coast welcome to the dark ages! Results of mother nature being a bitch. Retarded liberal solutions, no vegetation management. Enjoy...
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    Samuel L Jackson, voice of Alexa.

    Mother fucker! This is going to be the best one!
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    Looking for left hand 458 socom BCG

    I'm looking for a lefty 458 socom BCG. I haven't been able to find one in a brand that I'm familiar with. The upper I'm planning on it going in is a Blackrain. Thanks!
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    Texas Dove hunting

    Were trying to find another place to hunt current place has become too much of a hassle. Were outside of Stephenville, trying to find something within a couple hours of there.
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    Wanted:. LH LA Mausingfield with 0.588" bolt head.

    Well Im going to build a 300 Norma mag. Need an action.....
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    why did ARC suspend Barloc sales?

    I tried to order one the other day and was told by ARC guys there not selling them right now. He said reports of POI change if the barrel is struck. I would have figured the amount of positional shooters, hunters, yahooos here it would have shown up here with an issue. I'm gathering my parts...
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    creating flat plane for bottom of a T4 for Arca rail installation????

    What are y'all doing to level the bottom of the stock for a ARCA rail installation? As the T4 has that dip between the action screw and the where the forearm hand grip contour begins. One of the stocks has the later model barricade stop in it. I'm kinda thinking about just using the front...
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    Kurt D688 for sale, also have Kurt swivel base

    Kurt D688 for sale and swivel base $400 for the vise which comes with Kurt hard jaws and vise handle. and $200 for the swivel base. I'll do $500 plus the ride for the pair. I'm in North Texas South West of the metromess. In great shape, my shipment of Orange vises got here today! So the...
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    adequate first aid kits

    I'm going to take a wilderness first aid class here pretty soon. I have been looking over the advanced first aid kits. What a mess, it's like buying/building an AR!!! I'm looking for two kits to stay in the vehicles, and one in the go bag (Mystery Ranch 3 day) I'm looking for the trauma type...
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    Need a Glock 34 lightbearing holster reccomendation....

    I want to find a light bearing holster for my Glock 34 G4, I am a lefty, with a Surefire X400. I have a JM custom Kydex holster that I really like, but with no light. He does not make one for the X3/400. Thanks!
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    Rak187 is gtg

    Perfect transaction. Thanks!
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    Shots fired at North fence of WH? More Tide pod eaters on meltdown?
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    New highway signs in CA ? I could see some certain people behind this... I just would have used some more permanent fastening methods.
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    T3x bolt lift? (choices for kids build)

    My daughter is just about ready for something more than her CZ452. The Tikka T3x compact or compact tactical has me interested. She can run my Mausingfield with no issues, but it's a lefty and heavy. I'm planning on 223 so I can just buy some prime ammo for it. I have had Savage's, but I...
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    Rocket man is getting pissy! He say we declared war.... Huh.... Think he will try to shoot at us first or wipe Seoul off the map? I kinda think he would rather take over Seoul than destroy it.
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    John Deere 350b dozer shop manual

    I sold the machine a few years ago and finally found the manual as we're working on moving. Pay for ride and it's yours.
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    Sig MCX questions

    I am really interested in getting a Sig MCX. My end plan is to have a internally suppressed 16" overall length barrel or ~11" barrel with permanently attached suppressor. I have thought about just trying to get an 11.5", but as a civilian it appears that I can only get it with the arm brace...
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    Hornady 87g 6x47L with 7" twist

    Have any of yeah tried them? I have seen no more than 280krpm which limits me to ~2800fps. i may try to see if they will stay together running faster than that. I have had no time to deal with my 22x47L barrel. I only have some 105 hybrids, but I can order something else as long as it can...
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    17WSM rifles any new ones popping up????

    I kinda really want a 17WSM, I'm still not convinced in buying a Savage BMAG. The Volquartson is awesome but $1800 kills that for me. Anything else coming up? Anybody with a BMAG there happy with? Thanks!