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  1. elfster1234

    reloading, start to finish, 4part video series, for my 6.5 grendel

    overview with factory shots with wolf & hornady black: reloading section 1st half: reloading section 2nd half: shooting reloads at the range:
  2. elfster1234

    Vortex razor HD gen3 1-10 FFP

    Pretty damn amazing optic..
  3. elfster1234

    Who is going to 2020 SHOT SHOW?

    Who is going to 2020 SHOT SHOW? First year going. Want to say I've at least done it once.
  4. elfster1234

    reloading for my 6.5 grendel, first 1/2 of reloading

    stay tuned for the 2nd half of the reloading process as youtube will not let me show you start to finish in one full video
  5. elfster1234

    MUST WATCH! Virginia warren sanctuary county 2nd amendment show down!

    please subscribe to stay up to date here:
  6. elfster1234

    Elfster & X-ring on podcast tomorrow 12-5-19

    Going to be on the Hank Strange podcast "lifestyles of the locked and loaded" WITH the super knowledgeable "X-ring" YouTube channel tomorrow 12-5-19 Thursday at 6pm CENTRAL time! If you got ANY long distance shooting, scope, or reloading questions then that will be the time! Link to podcast...