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  1. Skimafia

    Found - 30mm Low Seekins/Vortex Precision Ringss

    In search of a set of seekins precision match 30mm low rings. Looking for something with a fair price. Let me know if you've got some.
  2. Skimafia

    *SOLD Black AI AT Folder Skins - Used

    FS a used set of AI AT folder skins. I changed up my colors and have no use for these. They are the original skins that came with the rifle and so some wear below the pistol grip and butt stock. No hardware included- $sold
  3. Skimafia

    No Longer For Sale - Decided To Keep '14 Accuracy International AT

    No longer for sale- I decided to keep it for now
  4. Skimafia

    Sold- 7SAUM Benchmark barrel $150.00 shipped

    Selling a Benchmark #5 contour barrel chambered in 7saum. The barrel is finished at 26 inches and has a microbastard brake installed. There is a small scuff on the bottom of the brake. Barrel was fitted to a Stiller TAC 30 action. All work was done by Phoenix Custom Rifles. I decided to change...
  5. Skimafia

    Decided to keep

    No longer for sale. I decided to keep the barrep
  6. Skimafia

    Sturkis is GTG

    Purchased an AI barrel. Good communication. Prompt shipping. Easy to work with. Buy with confidence.
  7. Skimafia

    AI Bolt Safety Mechanism, help needed

    I had some issues today with my AT that most likely were a result of a dirty trigger assy and bolt. I have disassembled the bolt before so that isn't foreign. I pulled the cover off of the cocking mechanism and took those parts out. I pulled the safety lever and detent spring and ball. I...
  8. Skimafia

    AI AT, Serial Numbers 19118, 19119, and 19120. The tale of 3 preproduction rifles ( I think) pic heavy

    In April of this year, I was fortunate enough to purchase my first Accuracy International rifle. I have been lusting over an AI for a long time but had not really put any thought into owning one because they were a bit out of my budget. A long time friend of mine, and member here @kRcu...
  9. Skimafia

    Harpie5959 GTG, new member, solid person

    Quick and easy transaction. He is a new member. Sold, easy transaction
  10. Skimafia

    Most valuable piece of equipment you have purchased

    Aside from you rifle, which piece of equipment have you purchased that has been most beneficial? What piece of equipment has made you a better, more accurate shooter? Explain why
  11. Skimafia

    Harveyn is gtg

    Great buyer, quick payment and easy to communicate with. Sell to with confidence
  12. Skimafia

    How best to practice with a limited amount of ammo

    I will be going shooting this weekend with a new rifle and wanted to get some input. I have been shooting for quite a long time but its been mostly just plinking for fun. I can shoot groups that are decent but I know there is room for improvement. I have been working a lot on improving my prone...
  13. Skimafia

    Correctly setting up RCBS full length sizing die in Dillon 550

    I couldnt decide if this belonged in here or if it was worth of a place in the stupid question section. Here it goes. I am loading with a 2 die setup on a Dillon 550. I am using a full length resizing die and a bullet seating die. I am getting conflicting information on the proper way to set up...
  14. Skimafia

    Dummy Rounds for the newby

    All, As the title suggests, I am new to the world of long range marksmanship. I am currently working on piecing together my first rig. I am getting to a point where I have some unanswered questions that I figured I would post here. How does someone determine the most ideal dummy round...