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    :SOLD: Advanced Armament Company 300 Black Out Upper :SOLD:

    SOLD For sale is a brand new AAC 300 BLK upper. Includes: -16" AAC barrel -Gas tube -Gas block -Standard charging handle -51T Flash hider -AAC Stripped upper Throwing in those BUIS for free. All components are brand new, never fired and all you need to complete the build is a rail and a BCG...
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    SOLD! For Sale: ACOG TA31RCO-M150CP. This is the optic for the Army M4. Perfect for the Colt 6920 or FN Herstal F15 -Red Reticle -Brand new, no scratches, no dust, was mounted on to my rifle but was never used -Cheap mount changed to a GDI Mount -Original box and manual included $925...
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    SOLD NIB Colt 6920 AR15 Complete Army M4 Clone

    SOLD -Brand new in box, unfired -Original box included Would like to get $1500 + shipping for the rifle. SOLD
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    WTB: Found

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    Glock Gen4 9mm's

    It's now April 2014, about four years since Glock Gen 4 9mm's were released. Has a definitive solution to Glock Gen 4 9mm brass to face issue been found? I search all over the internet and all I can find is back and forth as well as threads where the user having the issues never came back...
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    Looking for a close<->mid range .308 stuck between 2 rifles.

    Hey guys, I've narrowed my choice to either the M1A Scout or the Bushmaster ORC .308. Not looking for a high end .308 as I already have one. Narrowed it down to these 2 because 1. Caliber, I want to stick with .308 and not have to stack yet another caliber and 2. Price point, I want to stay...
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    Reccommend me a reputable AR gunsmith

    Hey guys, I've got an AR with a canted front sight. I don't mind shipping this out to a qualified gunsmith since there isn't any around here. Upper has a gas block/ front sight. All I ask is that it's not returned until the upper passes the flat surface test. Anyone know of any reputable...
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    Where can I find a 20" BCM upper/barrel?

    Where can I find a BCM 20" government upper or barrel? Both G&R tactical and BCM's website are out of stock. Anyone know of any other vendors that sell BCM uppers or barrels? I feel stupid for not ordering it earlier in the month when they were in stock. Also, ballpark figure, more or less...
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    Which larue mount is the right one for my rifle

    Hey guys, I got an LWRC Repr and a 4-16X50 scope with 30mm tube(says on the box). The scope mount is the only thing I need in order to complete the rifle. I have no clue which one of these mounts is the right one for me, I'm new to precision/long range shooting and have always proffered iron...