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  1. CaptNemo

    Waiting on Varget

    Not Varget, but as difficult as it difficult as it is to find, apparently manufactured from Unicorn tears and Sasquatch turds... I found this last week...
  2. CaptNemo

    affordable AR trigger upgrade?

    Another vote for the LaRue MBT. I have 4 or 5 or them in various rifles and pistols
  3. CaptNemo

    6.5mm Bullet Question

    I’ve been using 140 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips with good effect on deer & antelope. Push them about 2800fps with Reloder 16 and nothing walks away with good shot placement.
  4. CaptNemo

    Competition seater dies

    Agreed. Buy a pack of Hornady lock rings and pitch the Redding ring in the recycle bin.
  5. CaptNemo

    Affordable KRG Butt stock weights

    Does an ARCA rail take much abuse ? You could do one out of stainless and it would probably be a few grams lighter than a brass one. The SS would be much more robust than a brass piece.
  6. CaptNemo

    Affordable KRG Butt stock weights

    How about a brass ARCA rail that’s a little thicker material and no lightening cuts ?
  7. CaptNemo

    Competition seater dies

    I have both 1 Redding micrometer seating dies and 2 Forester micrometer seating dies. The Forester has a larger graduation dial, so the numbers are easier to read and dial accurately. that’s why I bought the second Forester seater when I bought ne .223 Remington dies earlier this year. Using...
  8. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    And ????
  9. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3X in KRG Bravo, what mag for 22-250?

    Try the MDT steel mags. Polymer mags and Tikkas generally don’t play well together as the feed lips are too thick. The poly mags can be modified, but the steel mags work out of the box.
  10. CaptNemo

    Reloader 16 & 6.5 Creedmoor help

    You’re working backwards, start low and work up in charge weights. Too many variables between rifles, etc. Unfortunately there’s no free lunch
  11. CaptNemo

    Homemade Induction Annealer

    Tagging as well. An induction unit will be replacing my molten salt system soon
  12. CaptNemo

    So I just bought a Tikka T3X Tac A1, mistake?

    Have no worries about your new rifle. i shot a box stock TacA1 @ PRE last year and was scoring hits on IPSC steel at 500+ yards after the third shot spotting my own impacts. The rifle will surprise you as to how good it is.
  13. CaptNemo

    Bergara LRP 2.0, Savage 110 Elite Precision or Tikka T3X TAC A1 for local competitions

    This. I have a 24” CTR chambered in 6.5 CM that has been in a Bravo and now a MDT ACC. The barreled action is a hammer and the chassis just makes it that much better because of the adjustability to make it fit “just right”.
  14. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    You didn't mention the adjustable butt pad system... Now go camo paint the stock so you can be like the rest of us "Cool Kids"...
  15. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    It depends on your personal preference and the depth of your pockets. I have two KRG Midas Triggers and all of my aftermarket AR triggers are two stage. Even the Accutrigger in my Savage LRP acts like it's a two stage...
  16. CaptNemo

    What's the deal with Tikka?

    The two main reasons there is less aftermarket support for Tikkas: A) Tikka hasn’t been in the market as many years as the Rem 700 action. B) Since the Tikka is a newer design with the benefits of many years of fixing the design limitations of the original 700 action and being designed to...
  17. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    A $50 - $75 Teslong bore scope is pretty much becoming one of those “Mandatory Accessories” for a precision rifle shooter, just like a good cleaning rod, bore guide, etc.
  18. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    The photo above this reply isn’t of a Tikka inlet chassis. This looks like a Remington or Savage inlet with a recoil lug between the barrel shoulder and the front of the receiver. a Tikka inlet will have a recoil lug that stays with the chassis / stock. No dumb questions when you’re learning.
  19. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    So, Monday night, I'm sitting at the bar in this small neighborhood bar & grill about to order dinner with my wife. This guy walks over from about 6 stools down and asks be about the "Beretta" logo tee shirt I'm wearing. A conversation ensued about shotguns and hunting, so I showed him a couple...
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    If you can please fill out the survey

    Mission objective executed