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  1. SBGreen0369

    WTS: HK 416/MR556 rails/stocks/grips

    SOLD and Shipped. Thanks man. Feedback added
  2. SBGreen0369

    WTS: HK 416/MR556 rails/stocks/grips

    Geissele 10.5” Super Modular Rail - $210 shipped SOLD Remington Defense 13.5” HK 416 Rail - $175 shipped HK German E1 buttstock - black $150 shipped HK Ral8000 slimline buttstock - $150 shipped HK Ral8000 vertical foregrip - $50 shipped All items are used. If you’d like additional/specific...
  3. SBGreen0369

    S&B LRR-MIL reticle thoughts?

    Fellow Hide and Seekers, Recently picked up a Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PMII w/ the new LRR-Mil reticle. Anyone used one of these bad boys yet? The small center dot is a HUGE plus for me, and the simplicity of the reticle really allows you to focus...
  4. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: BNIB Badger USMC 30MOA Lugged base $165

    SOLD to @OutlawTen5 Thanks man
  5. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: LaRue LT-807 34mm 1.375" mount

    Used in good condition. Couple marks near the adjustment screws. Works as intended. All screws present/none stripped. Clean. Ships USPS 2-3day Priority. Price: $145 shipped
  6. SBGreen0369

    WTS: LNIB S&W M&P 9mm 4.25" w/ Crimson Trace Grips $450 shipped

    Bought this new for my Dad 5-6 years ago. It's been to the range exactly 1 time. Never carried. Not a mark on it. Looks new as the day I bought it. Round count: UNDER 50 Has Crimson Trace laser grips. Just replaced the batteries. Box included. Comes with 2 mags/ original box/ test round/...
  7. SBGreen0369

    WTB 34mm mount or rings

    I don’t believe so. Larue doesn’t mention it explicitly on their website and there’s no markings on the mount that say MOA.
  8. SBGreen0369

    WTB 34mm mount or rings

    Hey man, I have a Larue LT807 w/34mm rings that would work great on an AR platform. Not sure what size the objective is on your scope but the LT807 is set for 1.375” above the rail. I had a 50mm objective in it on top of an AR10 with room to spare. PM if interested
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    SOLD and shipped
  10. SBGreen0369

    Headspace on a pre-fit question...

    i ran into this issue recently with a 6creed profit for an impact. barrel hand tight, GO gauge would barely close. NO GO would not close. torqued barrel to 35 ft/lb per barrel makers recommendation. issue ended up being a worn out reamer on their end and the chamber was not cut deep enough...
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    Still available